tabi Bonney - Nuthin' But A Hero (2010)

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tabi Bonney - Nuthin' But A Hero lyrics

Chorus:you are my super hero (I said I said)
you are my super hero)

can I take you with me, can you come get me
where we goin ,we going to this place called startum
if we leave now we can be there by autumn
can we leave now, before else try and be down
whats current is some one might catch a beat down from my ex girlfriend tryin to rebound
everyone out there is a dreamer, so many rappers that seen us
so many ballers and actors, this pretty girl want me to call her
I was so attractive to make people jump through hoops and back flips
some end up on the mattress and we man it aint nothin but practice
oh how I love to win, get money on you for win
get money, get money, get money, get........ get money, get money,get money like


can I take my cape off , sit down take the weight off
nah aw, whats left is gonna pay off, cause I'm always on my grind everyday every night
tryin to figure out how to make it , if you gotta dream you better make sure you chase it
because I live mine, I'm working 9-5 out this grind


can we do this while the rest of the world stay clueless

they'll catch on later, hit the close door button on the elevator
goin up now, so spittin everyone sayin whats up now
the view from the top is awesome, we should come up here more often
ain't no losers up here we lost em
welcome, this is the life we chose I suppose
we gonna get our money with a couple more Os O...ooooo
now they get it, we live by ain't saying nothin fictitious
we dealin with a man with no feel in his heart
that's a man that's........... ambitious


can I take you with me
can You come and get me
everybody out there is a dreamer
so many rappers that seen us
can I take you with me
can you come and get me
come and get me
can I take you with me
everyone out there is a dramer so many rappers that seen us(fading out)