tUnE-yArDs - Wait For A Minute (4AD) (2014)

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tUnE-yArDs - Wait For A Minute (4AD) lyrics

I wake up with disgust in my hair
Could not forgive myself
Another moment spent in the bed

The mirror always disappoints
I pinch my skin back
Till I see the joints

I'm feeling like I live on a ledge
At any moment I just know
I'm gonna fall off the edge

They say hang on
I promise them I will
But I don't know for how long

Wait for a minute

Why do I spend the sole of my day
Looking for any way to waste away
The pain is in the empty time
Just twiddling my thumbs
And hoping for the words to rhyme

I couldn't stand to be all alone
I'm sick of hearing
My voice on the telephone

A thousand roads to injury
Most of them so smooth
It doesn't feel like they're hurting me

Wait for a minute

Oh I'm still trying
To leave the high of violence behind
I wait for relief
But the illness is my mind

Why should I wait?
I'm already too late
Why should I wait?

Not knowing what the future will bring
Is always wrecking my day
I guess I'll drown my fear and seal my fate

A haze of quitting
Easier to do it than it is to just sit here and wait

Wait for a minute