Playlist: Jhene Aiko - Sailing Soul(s) (Album)

[Drake] uhh, this verse starts as my snipers hit their marks and ya guards fall down from a rifle to the heart like clap clap, let em fall slow I know you had you fears you can let them all go and most women are motivated so I act accordingly but this is so refreshing that it means a little more to me dedicating time when I really can’t afford to be I provide protection if you open up the door for me couple stares, couple texts, couple dates couple “I think that we’re ready’s” couple “I think we should wait’s” are we acting like a couple, I’m just trying to get it straight cause I’m over here convinced that it’s too early for mistakes [Jhene Aiko - Chorus] You had to change up the game oh the weather is not the same now there’s only cloudy days I cant stand the rain in July oh July There were fireworks exploding (exploding) but now it’s getting colder the leafs are turning colours why, it’s just not our season the one and only reason baby oh baby oh when summer turn into fall [Drake - Verse 2] Damn, tell me where did all the magic go I follow all the rules and told you everything you had to know had you over every night, every night was passionate plus you met my mother even if it was an accident I’m confused tell me where we go wrong I wish shorty I would be with you so long I was planning on being something worth mentioning energy invested in someone I saw potential in who killed Chivalry they need to get their sentencing meanwhile we argue and I can’t get a sentence in and just as I predicted here we go again they always say the hottest love has the coldest end [Chorus] [Jhene Aiko] see its funny cause I never thought this would end but then the season changed [Drake] You are my, you are my, you are my girl (I was your girl) shoulda made, shoulda made, shoulda made you my World shoulda made you everything to make you happy baby [Jhene Aiko] can’t wait for, can’t wait for, can’t wait for springtime and I will turn into a butterfly I will spread my wings and fly and I’m too fly for the sh-t ohhh, I am Japanese if you please