Yelawolf - Hard White (Up In The Club) (feat. Lil Jon) (2011)

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Yelawolf - Hard White (Up In The Club) (feat. Lil Jon) lyrics

[Verse 1 - Yelawolf]
You ain't gotta lay down on your bed
You know you already fucked up
Letting me in the muthafuckin game is like
Letting me drunk drive a truck
When Yelawolf arrived in this club, already had 5 in my cup
Then I took another hit and I run into a bitch
That's looking lifeless and stuff
Baby, what's wrong with you now?
What, you ain't happy with red bottoms?
You mad cause I'm in VIP with a fuckin Jack bottle?
Tom, Dick and Harry
I got up in this bitch with a tank top cause I spit so very, dom quick and scary
But I can't talk cause that bitch is so very
Thick and scary! That's why they're so quick to compare me
Fuck my critics with a spiked dick
When it can fit barely. They probably think I'm a Limp Bizkit
That spits jelly, when I put them in the woods I'm a redneck
I'm a hick? Tell me: go ahead, yeah!
What the fuck does it matter to me? Cause after me they'll only be wannabes
And mostly ain't never gonnabes
Yeah in this forest I'm a lonely tree
My limbs are covered in tattoos -and the roots they run deep

I'm 2 bottle Charlie, 2 bitches waiting
Two 10's: that's a "win-win situation"..
Happy birthday, I'm feelin' brand-new
Drinks on me! For ME: not you

[Hook 2]
Up in the club, don't give a fuck
Up in the club, don't give a fuck
Up in the club, don't give a fuck
Up in the club, still don't give a fuck

[Verse 2 - Yelawolf]
Never know what I said in that first verse
I mean like damn, I just killed it
What the fuck am I supposed to do with this cow?
I done already milked it..
Smoke another cigarette on the field
Broke me down so many times before, but with rapping I built it
One brick, two brick, three brick, four
Underneath the steps of my single white door
Raised by them dope boys, so I know how them thangs look
Thanks for the recipe: rest in peace, Wayne Bush
I don't cook my shit, I don't break it down for you muthafuckas
Out there waiting around for some rap savior
(????) What it is that you facing now
Jesus drives a Harley, the Devil wears Prada
If God was one of us, he'd prolly drink vodka
I still kick it at the party when I get rich
Cause rich or broke, I'm still as dope
The critics ain't as real as this..
Dead or alive, I'll put a stamp in this bitch
You'll never seen rock and roll do hip-hop like I did

[Hook 1 & Hook 2]