25 June, 2016 - NME.com
Robyn has shared the first two tracks from her RMX / RBN project – a remix series that sees nine artists remix tracks spanning her career. Releasing two tracks from the project every Friday, the first two tracks see Axel Boman's remix of 'Hang With Me' and the Mekanism's remix of 'Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do'. Back in May, Robyn performed some of the remixed tracks at festival appearances at Boston Calling, NYC’s Governors Ball, and Toronto’s Field Trip. The tracks will now be released as studio recordings. Announcing the project on Facebook, Robyn wrote: "I've asked people whose music I love to remix my old music for the coming live shows. Boston, New York, Toronto I'm excited to share this with you." The project is expected to include remixes of her top 10 UK single 'Dancing On My Own' as well as 'Who Do You Love?' featured on Kindness's second album, 'Otherness'. The full list of Robyn remixes and who they've been reworked by is as follows: 'Hang With Me' by Axel Boman 'Dancing On My Own' by Cassius 'Love Kills' by Harry Romero 'With Every Heartbeat' by Joakim 'Main Thing' by Mr. Tophat 'Indestructible' by The Black Madonna 'Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do' by The Mekanism 'Who Do You Love?' by Wolfgang Voigt 'Stars 4 Ever' by Zhala & Heal The World Listen to 'Hang With Me' and 'Don't 'Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do' below. https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/0O2JosSgaFOcYs1aqw7RoK https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/2SHZc6Q9cTiNCFZpI8Es50

David Guetta - I Can Only Imagine (feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne) lyrics

Where you been? Where you been all my life?
Baby it's a sin, the way you look in the light
It's obvious that I want something from you
You know what I wanna do
Every touch it would bring me to life
I can only imagine what it'd be like
Oh, every time, it would bring me to life
I can only imagine, only imagine
What it'd be like

[Lil Wayne]
I saw you from afar, thought I'd say "wassup"
You can tell me your name, when we waking up
They call me Lil Tunechi, I'm good, I'm Gucci
Now you can kiss your old dude goodbye: smooches
You're a beast, your girl a beauty
Man I think somebody done gave Cupid an Uzi: Shoot me
Like a firework, we brighter in the dark
So let's turn off the lights and give me that spark

[Chris Brown]
I want to let her touch me (it would bring me to life)
One touch will feel free
I want to feel free
She can kiss me
So I can finally be
So I can finally see
So I can finally see