3 October, 2015 - NME.com
Bjork has launched the final set of remixes from her 'Vulnicura' album, the third re-imagined set to accompany the original version of her album, released back in January. The four tracks were remixed by New York artist Juliana Huxtable (a DJ best known for her work on the NYC gay scene), Bloom (a Belfast grime artist) and patten (a Warp Records-based London electronic artist known for his exclusive CDR releases). Speaking of the remixes, Bjork said: “These are the last four remixes from Vulnicura. I would like to thank especially Robin Carolan for co-curating this with me. It's been such a pleasure!" “le1f texted me from a sweaty club a clip of Juliana doing a mix of 'Lionsong', so I contacted her and asked her to make it into a proper remix. It's her first remix and I think it's incredible" Getty “When I DJd for tri angle birthday party I did a mashup of Bloom and Abida Parveen. I wanted the peak of his extrovertsy to meet Abida at her most visceral. I kinda asked him if he'd do a similar thing for 'Black Lake' and was thrilled he was up for it. I really adore his beats and I feel he's got a strong signature on his noises that are really his. He chose himself to take on 'Family' in an impressive way!" “patten sent me a mix he did of 'Stonemilker' through Robin and I loved it so I asked him if we could put it out” Bjork cancelled a number of Vulnircura album shows over the summer, explaining the intensity of performing the album, which is based around a recent breakup. Read NME's review of Vulnicura here. You can listen to the remixes through Bjork's SoundCloud, below. They'll also be available on One Little Indian records as exclusive 12" translucent records: Parts one and two of the album remixes, launched earlier this year, are also streaming:
Max Frost song White Lies
Max Frost - White Lies
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Max Frost - White Lies lyrics (Spanish translation)

EN: I'm picking up really sketch vibes
ES: Estoy recogiendo de realmente bosquejo vibes

EN: My woman's been telling me lies
ES: Mi mujer de estado diciéndome mentiras

EN: About other men
ES: Sobre otros hombres

EN: About where she's been hanging
ES: Acerca de donde ella ha colgado

EN: Suspicious thoughts in my mind
ES: Sospechosos pensamientos en mi mente

EN: Been brewing up over time
ES: Venido cocinando para arriba con el tiempo

EN: "He's just a friend,"
ES: "Es sólo un amigo"

EN: When to me he's a stranger
ES: Cuando para mí él es un extraño

EN: I can hold no evidence
ES: Me no puedo sostener ninguna evidencia

EN: But I can't think emotionless
ES: Pero no puedo pensar sin emociones

EN: And something in your choice of dress
ES: Y algo en su elección de vestido

EN: Tonight can lead to just one guess
ES: Esta noche puede conducir a una conjetura

EN: White Lies
ES: White Lies

EN: You try
ES: Tratas de

EN: Can't blind my eyes
ES: No oculto mis ojos

EN: You got your red dress on
ES: Tienes tu vestido rojo

EN: And you want to play
ES: Y desea jugar

EN: Like I can't know things that I've never seen
ES: Como yo no puedo saber cosas que nunca he visto

EN: Its been keeping me up every night
ES: Su estado me mantenerse cada noche

EN: Most of the time
ES: La mayor parte del tiempo

EN: I toss and turn in bed and I try
ES: Me tirar y girar en la cama y trato de

EN: Not to explode
ES: No a punto de estallar

EN: When you arrive
ES: Al llegar

EN: sneaking through
ES: furtivamente a través

EN: like it ain't 5
ES: como Ain't 5

EN: like this house ain't mine
ES: como esta casa no es mía

EN: Yes I been picking up really sketch vibes
ES: Sí ha recoger realmente bosquejo vibes

EN: And I keep looking over at your side
ES: Y sigo mirando a tu lado

EN: Wondering where you been
ES: Preguntándose donde usted sido

EN: Thinking that he ain't a friend
ES: Pensando que él no es un amigo

EN: Knowing that thoughts are a sin
ES: Sabiendo que los pensamientos son un pecado

EN: And so I'll say it again
ES: Así que lo diré otra vez