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Calvin Harris and Rihanna's new single, 'This Is What You Came For' has arrived online. Harris' stratospheric rise to the top of dance and pop music was kickstarted by 2011 single 'We Found Love', which was produced by the Scottish artist and featured on Rihanna's 'Talk That Talk' album. Since then Harris has become one of the most succesfull and well-paid DJs in the world, as well as a festival headliner in his own right. Just last weekend he was joined on stage by Rihanna as he closed this year's Coachella. Harris debuted the new song on BBC Radio 1 this morning. The full track can be heard below: https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/0azC730Exh71aQlOt9Zj3y Rihanna is heading to the UK and Ireland later this summer. She will play the following live dates: Aviva Stadium, Dublin (June 21) Wembley Stadium, London (June 24) Ricoh Arena, Coventry (June 25) Hampden Park, Glasgow (June 27) Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester (June 29) Calvin Harris, meanwhile, will return to his native Scotland to headline T In The Park in July.
K’naan music video Wavin' Flag (feat. David Guetta & Will.I.Am)
K’naan - Wavin' Flag (feat. David Guetta & Will.I.Am)
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K’naan - Wavin' Flag (feat. David Guetta & Will.I.Am) lyrics

When i get older, they'll call me freedom
Just like a Waving Flag.

When I get older, I will be stronger,
They'll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag,
And then it goes back, and then it goes back,
And then it goes back

Born to a throne, stronger than Rome
but Violent prone, poor people zone,
But it's my home, all I have known,
Where I got grown, streets we would roam.
But out of the darkness, I came the farthest,
Among the hardest survival.
Learn from these streets, it can be bleak,
Except no defeat, surrender retreat,

So we struggling, fighting to eat and
We wondering when we'll be free,
So we patiently wait, for that fateful day,
It's not far away, so for now we say


So many wars, settling scores,
Bringing us promises, leaving us poor,
I heard them say, love is the way,
Love is the answer, that's what they say,
But look how they treat us, Make us believers,
We fight their battles, then they deceive us,
Try to control us, they couldn't hold us,
Cause we just move forward like Buffalo Soldiers.

But we struggling, fighting to eat,
And we wondering, when we'll be free
So we patiently wait, for that faithful day,
It's not far away, but for now we say,

[Chorus] 2x

(Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh)
And everybody will be singing it
(Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh)
And you and I will be singing it
(Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh)
And we all will be singing it
(Ohhh Ohh Ohh Ohh)

[Chorus] 2x

When I get older, when I get older
I will be stronger, just like a Waving Flag,
Just like a Waving Flag, just like a Waving flag
Flag, flag, Just like a Waving Flag