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Universal Music has denied claims by Morrissey that the label blocked his attempt to reissue song 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' in the wake of the recent terror attacks in the French capital. Following the deaths of 130 people during the attacks on November 13, Morrissey alleged on fan site True To You that he hoped to release the 2009 single – which featured on his album 'Years Of Refusal' – as a "loving tribute to the lives lost in the Paris atrocities". However, he claimed that Universal "refused" his request, adding that the label is instead planning its own tribute album featuring current artists on its roster. Responding to the claims, Universal has denied the accusations, stating that no request had been made while labelling Morrissey's assertions as "hurtful and wrong". The statement, published by Pitchfork, reads: "We have not received – let alone refused – any request from Morrissey himself related to 'I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris'. While we have not been contacted directly by Morrissey, after seeing the comments on his website last week, we asked his representative to confirm his intentions and which charity he had in mind to support via the song’s proceeds. We are yet to receive a reply." It continues: "Many people at Universal Music have been personally affected by the events in Paris. The implication that we have blocked a request from Morrissey in favour of another tribute 'utilising our current crop of Universal artists' is hurtful and wrong." Morrissey's 'Years Of Refusal' album was released by Universal imprint Decca/Polydor in 2009. He released his latest album, 2014's 'World Peace Is None Of Your Business', via Universal offshoot Harvest Records, but has since claimed to have been dropped by the label. Listen to 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris' by Morrissey below
Jason DeRulo song Rest Of My Life
Jason DeRulo - Rest Of My Life
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Jason DeRulo - Rest Of My Life lyrics (German translation)

EN: I am not looking for a fairy tale
DE: Ich Suche nicht nach einem Märchen

EN: Don’t need a queen for tonight
DE: Brauchen Sie keine Königin für heute Abend

EN: I am not addicted to the fiction of the picture perfect life
DE: Ich bin nicht süchtig die Fiktion das vollkommene Leben Bild

EN: But I confess I'm ready i found the one that last and if your heart was given
DE: Aber ich gestehe, ich bin bereit, fand ich, dass die letzte und wenn dein Herz gegeben wurde

EN: I wanna look out to the crowd and see your face out now if
DE: Ich möchte mit Blick auf die Menge und Ihr Gesicht jetzt sehen, wenn

EN: that’s a little too much to ask well I could i could care less right now
DE: Das ist ein wenig zu viel verlangt auch ich könnte ich jetzt weniger sich interessieren konnten

EN: ain’t got no stress no future pain
DE: ist nicht ohne Stress keine zukünftigen Schmerzen haben

EN: you probably don’t even know my name but
DE: Sie wahrscheinlich wissen nicht einmal meinen Namen, aber

EN: I am pretty sure that we both been through it and
DE: Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass wir beide wurden durch ihn und

EN: One day soon you gonna hear me say
DE: Eines Tages bald Sie werde ich sagen hören

EN: hey you're one for the money
DE: Hey bist du eine für das Geld

EN: you're not two for the show you never look so pretty
DE: Du bist nicht zwei für die Show, die Sie nie so schön aussehen

EN: I never been so lucky I know
DE: Ich war nie so glücklich weiß ich

EN: Is it ok if i stay here and fall in love tonight
DE: Ist es okay, wenn ich hier bleiben und verlieben sich ineinander heute Abend

EN: Is it ok if I stay here
DE: Ist es okay, wenn ich hier bleiben

EN: For the rest of my life
DE: Für den Rest meines Lebens