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Panos Psaltis song Aggele Mou
Panos Psaltis - Aggele Mou
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Panos Psaltis - Aggele Mou lyrics

Aggele mou, an kateveis pros tin gi
Thelo na ertheis na milisoume mazi
perimeno na mou doseis simvouli
pos na giano mia kardia pou aimorragei

Aggele mou, exei agiatrefti pligi
apo thavma einai akoma zontani
exei travma vathi ki i lepida i kofteri
dilitirio eixe kai erota poli

Aggele mou, mia xari sou zito
sto oneiro mou, lisi sto ainigma na vro
tin kardia mou giatrepse tin an mporeis
me ena dakri apo ta vathi tis psixis
kai an tin soseis tha sou takso prosevxi
ston theo mou, na sou dosei tin efxi
gia na gineis ton aggelon dioikitis
kai ena throno ston paradeiso na vreis!

Aggele mou, aggele mou

English translation:

My angel

My angel, if you come down to earth
I want us to speak
I am waiting for you to give me advice
on how to heal a heart that hemorrhages

My angel, it has a wound which will not heal
it is a miracle it is still alive
it has a deep wound and the blade is sharp
it is filled with poison and love

My angel, I have one favour to ask you
let me find an answer to my conundrum, in my dream
heal my heart if you can
with a tear from the depths of my soul
And if you save it i will promise you a prayer
to my God, so he may bless you
to become the governor of the angels
and for you to find a throne in heaven!

My angel, my angel