28 July, 2016 - NME.com
Banks and Steelz have spoken about working with Florence Welch on their forthcoming album 'Anything But Words'. The duo - Interpol's Paul Banks and Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA - are set to drop their first album together on August 26. RZA's Wu-Tang Clan bandmates Method Mad, Ghostface Killah and Masta Killa all feature on the album, while the Florence And The Machine frontwoman guests on a track called 'Wild Season'. Explaining how their collaboration with Welch came about, Banks tells NME in a video interview: "Interpol was on tour last year and our final show was in Ireland. And as I got off stage, she approached me... and she was super-sweet and friendly. So we talked and exchanged information, and then I kind of circled back to her." "Then we sent her the song and she reacted really well," Banks continues. "It was a great, very smooth kind of process, discussing with her the themes and the lyric [of the song]. And then she killed it once she got in the studio – she just fucking killed it." "It's definitely one of the strong songs on the record. We're delighted that she joined us for this project, " RZA adds. Watch Banks & Steelz discussing their collaboration with Florence Welch at the top of this article.
Mladen Kvesic music video Crne Kose, Crne Puti
Mladen Kvesic - Crne Kose, Crne Puti
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Mladen Kvesic - Crne Kose, Crne Puti lyrics

Vrijeme je stalo usred poljupca
Vječno ću sada tebe ljubit ja
U tvojoj kosi gnjezdo pravit ću
Kao ptica noću letim u svom snu

Vrjeme je stalo dok smo plakali
Tvoje suze uvijek ja ću brisati
Mjesec je svjedok našoj ljubavi
Tvoj lik ću uvijek u srcu nositi

Crne kose, crne puti, ja je grlim ona sluti
Da će život brzo proći, ja je volim ove noći.