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Disney is reportedly planning to make multiple movies featuring the new Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich. Ehrenreich, 26, best known for his roles in Hail, Caesar! andBlue Jasmine, was officially cast as a young Han Solo earlier this month (July). A film telling the character's origin story is due to start shooting in January for a May 2018 release. However, New York Daily News claims to have been informed that Ehrenreich has actually already signed a three-movie deal with Disney. The outlet quotes an insider as saying: "There is a real sense of excitement around the Han Solo movie and its potential. Given that Han's early adventures do not need to be tied to the Empire, it leaves story lines open with the opportunity to really give fans something different. They can explore new galaxies and crazy creatures and bring in a wide array of new characters." The insider is also quoted as saying: "They feel that his character has the right potential to become a central figure in several movies. They're keeping things under wraps at the moment, but the deal is that he has signed for at least three movies." Director Christopher Miller said earlier this month that 3,000 actors had been auditioned to play Han Solo over six months and that Ehrenreich had actually been the first person they saw for the role. He beat actors including Dave Franco, Logan Lerman, Jack Reynor, Ansel Elgort, Scott Eastwood, Emory Cohen and Blake Jenner to the high-profile part. Meet Star Wars' New Han Solo: 10 Things To Know About Harrison Ford's Successor Alden Ehrenreich
Michail Gulko - Поручик Галицин
Michail Gulko - Поручик Галицин
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Michail Gulko - Поручик Галицин lyrics (English translation)

RU: Четвертые сутки пылают станицы,
EN: Fourth day blaze pages

RU: Горит под ногами Донская земля.
EN: Burn under the feet of the Don land.

RU: Не падайте духом, поручик Голицын,
EN: Cheer up, Lieutenant Golitsyn,

RU: Корнет Оболенский, седлайте коня.
EN: Cornet Obolensky, mount a horse.

RU: Мелькают Арбатом знакомые лица,
EN: Flit Arbat familiar faces,

RU: С аллеи цыганки заходят в кабак.
EN: With Roma enter the alley Pub.

RU: Подайте бокалы, поручик Голицын,
EN: Feed, food, glasses, Lieutenant Golitsyn,

RU: Корнет Оболенский, налейте вина.
EN: Cornet Obolensky, pour the wine.

RU: А где-то ведь рядом проносятся тройки...
EN: And somewhere nearby are three ...

RU: Увы не понять нам в чем наша вина.
EN: Alas not understand us than our wines.

RU: Не падайте духом, поручик Голицын,
EN: Cheer up, Lieutenant Golitsyn,

RU: Корнет Оболенский, седлайте коня.
EN: Cornet Obolensky, mount a horse.

RU: А в сумерках кони проносятся к яру...
EN: And in the twilight of Coney DART to Yar ...

RU: Ну что загрустили, мой юный корнет?
EN: Well zagrustili, my young Cornet?

RU: А в комнатах наших сидят комиссары
EN: And in the rooms of our sitting Commissioners

RU: И девочек наших ведут в кабинет.
EN: And our girls are in the Cabinet.

RU: Над Доном угрюмым идем эскадроном,
EN: On Don gloomy go fellow,

RU: На бой вдохновляет Россия-страна.
EN: The battle inspires Russia-country.

RU: Раздайте патроны, поручик Голицын,
EN: Hand chucks, Lieutenant Golitsyn,

RU: Корнет Оболенский, надеть ордена.
EN: Cornet Obolensky, wear a badge.

RU: Ах, русское солнце - великое солнце,
EN: Ah, Russian Sun-great sun,

RU: Корабль-император застыл, как стрела...
EN: Ship-emperor was transfixed asboom ...

RU: Поручик Голицын, а может вернемся?
EN: Lieutenant Golitsyn, and may go back?

RU: Зачем нам, поручик, чужая земля?
EN: Why do we, Lieutenant, someone else's land?