jj - Beautiful Life (2012)

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jj - Beautiful Life lyrics

I'm so in bitch,
See me glow in this bitch
Blowing drough in this bitch
Doing blow in this bitch

So tell my ex I'm too high
he will never get over me
the shit we do
most doers never done
and when we do we're higher than the sun
so tell him he's dreaming
gate's closed
baby let's go
we're leaving

love is my life
life is my love
and we are...

this is how we feel
one last chance make it real
and now i know we will go
where the sunshine hits our eyes
do you know where the sunrise fits our nights
tell me if so let you tell me
if so let me tell you what i want
champagne and marijuana

tell her if she lonely
she could come over here and hold me
it's a beautiful night
to live our beautiful life.