inferno Friendship Society - Just The Best Party lyrics

one time i went to just the best party.
the music was good. the girls were pretty.
the booze flowed and it lasted so long that
i got a part time job around the corner telemarketing.
it evolved as the months went by.
it involved no hierarchy.
it moved and grew to a pitch so fine,
sometimes encompassing several houses at a time.
impressive. extensive.
who paid the expenses?
denizens of the party all knew a special code.
they tell you how to get in, they tell you where to go.
it was changed twice a day.
On weekends 6 times.
'cause any good party should be
a little hard to find.
you could wander in by luck,
you could be invited in.
it could move into your place when you weren't looking.
all full of subletters and incidental tourists.
part time posers and full time purists.
the just wandering in.
the already spoken for.
the "this reminds me of berlin"
the should have held out for more.
the stares the pairs the affairs of the heart.
the smiles the piles of dirty black clothes.
the flocking the knocking on strangers' doors
asking if they wanted to come along.
it was inclusive. intrusive.
resisting it was useless.
maybe that's why it lasted.
i couldn't see past it 'till
i hooked up with this girl
who crashed it.