28 July, 2016 - NME.com
The creator of Arrested Development Mitch Hurwitz has claimed to have completely re-edited the show’s fourth season. This follows news that season five could be happening soon. The series, which was released in 2013 on Netflix and received mixed reviews from critics, was originally made up of 15 episodes between 31 and 38 minutes in length. Hurwitz’s new edits now mean the series is split into 22 episodes at 22 minutes each. Reportedly upset after being informed that the series would be cut down when going into syndication, Hurwitz is now confident that the new edit works equally well. According to IndieWire, he said "It really works! It’s totally different storytelling with all of these millions of pieces." As well as cutting down the running time, Hurwitz says that each episode will now include every character, as opposed to the original cut, which focused more on individual storylines. "So I did this very ambitious thing where I made these Excel sheets with every single scene and how long it was in seconds," Hurwitz went on to say. "I put them all on magnetic paper, cut them up into squares, and that sat there and moved the pieces around. And then we made a narrative out of it. It was a crazy experiment!" Hurwitz is currently working as an executive producer on the Netflix series Lady Dynamite, and had to work on the Arrested Development edits at night. Additionally, narrator and executive producer Ron Howard had to record a whole new set of voice-overs for the new cut of the series. Hurwitz has already said that series five of the award-winning show is “definitely” happening. "We're very close," he said, adding that production could begin in early 2017. "It's what we're trying to accomplish. Several stories have already been broken and are ready to go. But just like last season, it's up to figuring out how to work around the actors' schedules."
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