Zion I - Oxygen lyrics

There was a time where I used to care what folks think
Sniffing on my arm hoping that I don't stink
Your boys are turned to men and men turned to savages
I call it for you statistics and averages
And so we grow up with these hopes and dreams
Like the world getting labeling us as dope and fiends
We want a life of fine ass wife
And a house where the kids play can play without strife
But all we get is the same ol shit
Kind of pissed our tips is where the rich gets richer
And we sip the liquor homie split the swisher
Tryna buy stock options and switch the picture
But I'im all out of focus mayne its hard to cope
Gimme a rope just to wrap my throat
And we don't vote not that I don't believe the system
But our answer to gleff is our right man listen

I need oxygen
Gimme air let me breathe again

Ay, can't take for granted what we never really had
A nice thicket fence for the mom and dad
And it makes me mad When I look in the eye
Of the children and the night I hear their souls cry
As eye burst eye and it test the wills
The IRS comin by and collectin bills
Im' so blessed with the fire it gives me chills
In a country so cold cause shes set to still
My movement smooth and infused with the realest

Shackled and chained yall cant kill us
Tackle my brain harassing my fellas
Gaffle me up and tag me a villain
Im still chillin yall cant stop the strut out
Im black man tucked in my hide out
You cant come in unless you summon
I call all my people that's runnin for hills for skrill
When we chase dolla bills still it's a ill lifestyle for real
Feel like killa be killed tryna to eat a meal
The government like to steal
We got a bum deal

I need oxygen
Gimme air let me breathe again
Ima be chookin in this state were in
No job or education need a great bm
Kids walking up to school cutting late again
Block huggin wanna thug get them papers in
Closeminded in a world that we stationed in
World wide territories in there safe and friends
Terrorism at a high but it starts within
Livin wild getting vile but its hard to win
But we cant get united we all competent
And I'm breathing in this beat like its oxygen