Zin - Smallville (2012)

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Zin - Smallville lyrics

VERSE 1: You said you never been there before
It's my responsibility to show you
Where I come from
Since you're the one
You should meet my mama
Girl I feel dumb 'cause I
Am getting so emotional
Oh, we've taken it slow but
It's time for me to introduce you

CHORUS: And take you back
Home to where I became a man
Superman has got a story to tell
To this girl I know so well
I'm hoping that she will
Let me take her back to Smallville

VERSE 2: Through any weather I'm there for you and
There comes a time when everybody
Must take a step towards the future with the one they adore
Before we can go forward I wanna go back
Forgive me for getting so emotional
Oh, I'm just so excited 'cause
It's time for me to introduce you


BRIDGE: Mama's gonna greet you and
I can't wait to show you off girl
I hope you're prepared
'Cause I'm gonna show you where I landed
There's still so much that you've gotta learn
And I can't wait to return