Zhorn - The Fair Game lyrics

Welcome To...

We build our homes by the great white mountains
And draw our names on the colourful fence
We say "Goodbye" to the venomous tongue now
And drink to the comet as we dare a glance
The watcher sleeps but the game is beginning
To call the spirits by another name

Now time is fleeting and lurking are the drowning guards
Mortal are all fears but blissful are our hearts
It's the mystery of moving wise and the secret of the hunt
Don't just dream of winning when fame is all you want!

Walk over common ground
It's the game of life
And by hope we're bound
How come you laugh
In this dying place?
Don't give me names
Just remind my face

Next Move Hits

It's time to move for all the dice are rolled
Don't you see the stairs?
The stairs are leading down
It's just another calling out to the game of life

You will might fall deeper and the ground is far away
'cause anyone is falling
You better run, brother, to the hills of silver clay
It's a gentle solution

Won't you lean on me? I'm here to save your idols
Won't you lean on me? I want you as you are
I'm at your side, a friend, a helping hand to guide you
I am your way, the truth is out there

The Incredible Return Of Betty Bloom:

Welcome back, my dear!
I'm Betty Bloom, hey, don't run for cover!
By the way, do you still dream of moonlit clay?
So go down, three doors are waiting to be opened...

Three Doors, One Choice

Behind the first door burns a blinding light
The ageless comet you will ride
If this shall be your purpose, you have to wait till August
You have to leave your body, let's end this weak life, buddy!
And show 'em all your then infinite light

Next door, a misty darkness
Vast leaves and screaming trees
Z moves the first time, I guess
But move wise and hurry, please!

Check out the ones who cheat and
Take care "bout those who will
Don't fear the cleansing heat then
And burn...enjoy the thrill!

Every beat, every step
Was long before obtained and done
All the courses are set
So make your choice to kiss the sun

Cry out to the universe
A life reversed, so many riddles unsolved
Pretending the story ends
Like some romance
We cannot keep what we want

Hope In Jo

I fear the third door is too dark to see
It keeps the grail of what will be
Come in and face tomorrow, be strong and see that horror
To know what dreams will shatter, to know who knows it better
I only hope there waits that little girl

Time's up, so please: Attention!
Make sure your friends are near!
The only thing to mention
Three opened doors to fear...

So roll the dice and move on
It's time to end this game
This was your final goof now
It's hope by another name!

Every beat, every step...


Now what's left is me and you
What you've done is coming back to you
And the fear that once was here is gone
By your call the final move is done

Let us all come undone
For the game of life is won
The past shall be forgotten
Your light is all that takes me on
Those were the times of some dreamers
These are the days of our lives
Let's face 'em together for we are back... Monoland!