Zhorn - Private Ghosts lyrics

Stake your claims in my secret spheres
In my inner depths
You're addicted to conquer
You think I'm strong for I hide my fear
Season's end is near
Now you see me, I'm on my knees

The chosen one - I am me for you
Or what you want me to be
My fear is gone - tell me what to do
You know I will follow

Every night I protect your grace
I am ruling the shadows
And beating the waves
I cannot dance for your bleeding heart
Waiting for clues, two worlds apart

Time goes by, I can't see the light
I am for the night, you're forever and ever
What has changed in so many ways?
I'm without a trace
This is not how it's meant to be

Please bring back the glory days
With a blink of an eye, I'm drifting away
Once as we ruled the world
Daylight was ours, kissed by the sunrays

Gone again to the midnight lands
Now you take my hand
A place where our hearts beat as one
It's just in our constant dreams

Find me where secret flowers bloom
They are fading soon
The heat of the moment is ours
No longer we're torn apart

Who is the dreamer?
As long as you're dreaming I live as a ghost
Hold you tight when you 're freezing
Once you came here for fighting
Standing for freedom and marching for peace
Collecting private ghosts