Zapp - Playin' Kinda Ruff lyrics

I wake up every morning
My neighbors screaming, alarm clock ringing
?????????, and lay back down
Now I got such a sweet lady
Well somtimes I wonder why
Why she sticks around
Because the pieces just don' fall in place
Stand up, be a man,
Sure getting tuff out here.
Playing kind of ruff, sure gettn' tuff out here
It's tuff, its ruff out here
Need some money and a job.
Lord its ruff, yes its ruff out here
My job, good lord
Have mercy, my job
The man is on my back 8 hours a day ???????????????????????
Mercy, mercy boss man
I wanna quit, pack it in, give it up, walk away
I can't quit, just can't quit
My woman, my babies are depending on me
And I can't duck responisbilities
Do what I can to beat the man
Sure getting tuff out here
It's Friday, ????????
I take my money straight home
It's Friday, ????????
My money looks awful funny
Just cant understand
how they calculate this tax
This tax, that tax
Doing nothing else but paying a bunch of tax
Now i got such a sweet lady
She makes me feel everything is alright