ZOEgirl - I'll Try lyrics

I don't understand why we always have to argue
I guess, we just look at things so differently
And every time we take a minute to try to work things out
We never seem to agree
So I take the first step and tell you that I love you
And even though it's been hard cause we never seem to see eye to eye

I wanna learn from my mistakes
And respect the stand you take
Though I don't understand all the reasons why
I'll try
Oh I'll try

I'll try

I can feel that's drifting farther ever clean now
We don't ever get the chance to talk
See I just need to know you're here and that you love me
No matter the time that we lost
See, I'm making make the effort here
I wanna work this out
Even if it is hard and even if we never see eye to eye