Z.e.t.a. X - @ "2000" A.D. lyrics

2000 years from now
Will we still be around
I would like to be here to see it
Forecasting the future's sound

2000 years AD
Is this the stay in which we wanted to be
Have we fulfilled all our desires
Has mankind been successfully

2000 AD
We're after 2000 AD
Oh where we will we go at 2000 AD
Will we finally be free
Will we eclipse the sun
Or will be on the run
Oh yeah at 2000 AD

So everything is turning
Do you think we will be learning
From our mistakes of the past
Will we set up a different cast
A new age and a new era
Will we see our defects clearer
In the third millennia will dark days soon be gone

2000 years from now will our spirits still be around
I would like to be a prophet
Fortunetelling the future's sound
2000 Years ago
What have we lost what won
I'm sure in the next millennium we will get the ??

We will eclipse the sun
And our days will be gone