Z-Ro - Where Is The Love lyrics

Where Is The Love?
Where Is The Love?

Nobody loves me but I prefer to keep it like that
'Cause most friends are falsified tryin' to steal out your stack
So I keep my partners to a minimum even though I know half can't be trusted
The only feelin' in the world might steal your girl if I know flesh was lusted
Nigga now who was to blame for the pain 'cause fuckin' with me nigga you get sprayed
Hardheaded that's like fuckin' a bitch with no condom
And knowin' that hoe got aids, better be smart, better keep your distance
Ain't got elements from loose leaf pages
When I'm goin' off in the rage of furious chambers of twin gauges
My calico murders offendin' my mind & my mind is so ready to click
Better freeze, better not breathe all I want is the money
Remember you dead if you twitch 'cause I'm a killer that's killin' for cash
I show no car crash when I'm stealin' your stash
Don't fill in the streets because I'm too fast
But never revealin' what's under my mask
I'm makin' a dash, I jump in the Hoover & I smash
With a foot on the gas & then I'm off in the night
A nigga was buried alive but he really should've died dig him up his coffin' too tight
A nigga was showin' a buster love, but now it's huntin' for a buster season
And he can't be the reason to run in your crib & leave you bleedin'.

Where Is The Love?
Where Is The Love?
Where Is The Love?
Nigga, where your love, maine?
Where Is The Love?

The question at hand is where's your muthafuckin' love?
I'm a do like that boy Al D said
I'm showin' love to the ones that showed love back
Fuck friends, so Mexican D. Grady.
You know where your love at?

I was raised to never let 'em see me sweat
And how to dodge bullets never let 'em hit my chest
I saw the ways of the wise & how to live in peace
But fate said we got to stand & fight the beast with open eyes
Which means I got to keep my Glock, on a day to day basis
Always protect myself & no more catchin' murder cases
Niggas will try to erase me & that's a fact, but if I got to go
Nigga I be damn if my trigger finger isn't pullin' back
I had niggas I was real with & use to chill with
Now they comin' to me with the drama that I can't deal with
I think they out to get me but I can't let 'em, just like Pac & Spice 1
The jealous got me strapped, so when I go to sprayin' I'm a wet him
I had love for y'all, I use to cut for y'all
Nigga we was family I shed blood for y'all
But now you hate me 'cause of my progress, you want me dead
I'm waitin' on you niggas you know my address
But if my name is on the bullet & I die, you got to lay it down one day
Guess who gon' be waitin' on the other side
Go on & pull your pistol from your belt, but no man can take my life away from me until I lay it down my damn self
Tried to kill me once & paralyze my mobility
Now that I can walk again don't even think about gettin' me
Not sayin' I won't die, you hoes can try to murder me & get me
And if I kick the fuck it nigga, fuck it you kickin' it with me
'Cause I'm a be tryin' my best to put to the rest 'cause you don't understand
That I ain't down with dyin' at the hands of another man.

Where Is The Love?
Where Is The Love?
Nigga, where your love, maine?
Where Is The Love? Oh.