Yung Joey - 2K12 lyrics (Chinese translation). | This my year, ain’t you taking my shine
, Respect my hustle, nigga respect my grind
, Respect my...
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Yung Joey - 2K12 (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: This my year, ain’t you taking my shine
ZH: 我一年,这不是你把我照耀

EN: Respect my hustle, nigga respect my grind
ZH: 尊重我的喧嚣,黑鬼尊重我磨

EN: Respect my bitch nigga, respect my mind
ZH: 尊重我爱,尊重我心中

EN: Think about me, she got money on her…
ZH: 想想我,她对她的钱......

EN: Respect big dowg, respect my crib
ZH: 尊重大 dowg,尊重我的婴儿床

EN: This brick squad, you can suck my dick
ZH: 此砖队,你可以给我口交

EN: Through my draws and the polo too
ZH: 通过我的画和 polo 太

EN: Matchin t with the long …
ZH: 所向无敌 t 与长......

EN: My life’s …nigga how bout you?
ZH: 我的生活.......nigga 怎么怎么样你吗?

EN: Burgundy beemer, European…
ZH: 勃艮第的宝马,欧洲......

EN: I feel like… for the slice…
ZH: 我觉得......,切片...

EN: Big like… i’am push the lights on
ZH: 大像...我在困苦推上的灯

EN: I run shit like a little mad drummer
ZH: 我运行像个小小的疯狂鼓手狗屎

EN: … and kush got it from an old summer
ZH: ...和兴都库什把它从旧的夏天

EN: … white Obama
ZH: ...白奧巴馬

EN: You fucked up, don’t worry about tomorrow
ZH: 你搞砸了,不要担心明天

EN: This my year, never fake it’s my season
ZH: 这我一年,从来没有假它是我的季节

EN: I hit the club, all the pussy niggers leaving
ZH: 我打了俱乐部,离开的所有猫黑鬼

EN: You still here, must have a good reason
ZH: 你还在这里,必须有一个好的理由

EN: Don’t piss me off, I was having a good evening, good evening,
ZH: 别惹我,我在一个晚上好,晚上好,

EN: I won’t fuck with you, you ain’t gotta fuck with me
ZH: 我不会用你干,你不是要搞我

EN: They pay to see me, they see you everyday for free
ZH: 他们付钱看我,他们看到你每天都免费

EN: Stop mean mugging, pussy nigga cut it out
ZH: 停止均值行凶抢劫、 阴部黑鬼切

EN: I’ll eat you and rape you, you fuck in your mouth
ZH: 会吃了你强奸你,你干你的嘴

EN: Black on black, … challenger, su hu bricks…
ZH: ...黑黑,挑战者、 苏胡砖......

EN: …pull up on ya, eat your ass like cocoa
ZH: ....pull 了你,吃你的屁股像可可

EN: …vip make your baby mama roll up
ZH: 让宝贝妈妈卷起

EN: Big dope shit, lil nigga get your dough out.
ZH: 大涂料狗屎,lil 黑鬼出来你的钱了。