Youngbloodz - 85 (feat. Big Boi) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Big Boi]
, Uh-huh, yeah, y'knahmtalkinbout?
, A-Town connection right heah
, You got Youngbloodz,...
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Youngbloodz - 85 (feat. Big Boi) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: Uh-huh, yeah, y'knahmtalkinbout?
ZH: 嗯嗯,是的 y'knahmtalkinbout?

EN: A-Town connection right heah
ZH: A 镇连接右 heah

EN: You got Youngbloodz, uhh
ZH: 你有 Youngbloodz 呜

EN: featurin Daddy Fatsack, y'knahmtalkinbout?
ZH: featurin 爸爸 Fatsack,y'knahmtalkinbout?

EN: Outkast, y'knahmtalkinbout?
ZH: 「 流浪者合唱团 」,y'knahmtalkinbout?

EN: Yeah, like dis.. check it out
ZH: 是的喜欢存款保险计划......签出

EN: Chorus: repeat 2X (sung)
ZH: 合唱: 重复 2 X (唱歌)

EN: I know you're waitin for daddy, it won't be long shawty
ZH: 我知道你是为老爸闹情绪,不会是长的不错但决比不上

EN: Be patient cause I'm comin to you
ZH: 是我我进到你的病人原因

EN: Ridin dirty on 85, slow, takin it easy
ZH: 寻脏上 85,速度慢,羚牛很容易

EN: I don't want nothin to keep me from you
ZH: 我不想痛痛快快把我瞒着你

EN: [J-Bo]
ZH: [J-博]

EN: Now the wind blows as I'm on 85, and chiefin good
ZH: 现在的风是 85,和 chiefin 良好

EN: with a six-pack a that Colt 45 just like I should
ZH: 带着 6 瓶那就像我应该的柯尔特 45

EN: And if I could, I will, I might, get blowed tonight
ZH: 如果可以,我,我可能会炸今晚

EN: If thangs go right, I'm gon' cut this hoe tonight
ZH: 如果自我去吧,我是尼泊尔政府 ' 今晚切这锄头

EN: So I'ma get a call, from this broad
ZH: 所以我就接到一个电话,这广泛

EN: Run the game like she ain't ready
ZH: 运行游戏,像她还没有准备好

EN: But still indeed, she on her knees, keepin thangs steady
ZH: 但事实上,还是她在她膝盖允许自我区稳定

EN: like Betty Crocker, the face doctor
ZH: 像贝蒂克罗克,脸医生

EN: just as she swallows with passion
ZH: 正如她燕子与激情

EN: So now she braggin, laggin behind
ZH: 所以现在她 braggin,laggin 在后面

EN: What questions she now be askin, so time is passin
ZH: 什么问题她现在会问,所以时间是走过

EN: Now I'm mashin on, I'm gone, livin in the world of hoes
ZH: 现在我是 mashin 上,我走了,生活在世界的锄头

EN: So I suppose, it's goin down deep in yo' city
ZH: 所以我想它是怪在深哟 ' 城市

EN: Cause in these parts, ain't nuthin bad hard times
ZH: 导致在这些地方,不是废柴坏艰难时期

EN: Now shawty, please, really
ZH: 现在不错但决比不上,真的请

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: Sheeeit
ZH: Sheeeit

EN: I'm lookin for anythang, gonna cut'em up
ZH: 我也在找自己的 anythang,去了 cut'em

EN: like everythang, in my stable
ZH: 像 everythang,在我的稳定

EN: Sir Lucius, with the left foot, is ready willing and able
ZH: 主席先生,卢修斯用左脚,是准备好了愿意并有能力

EN: But these hoes will get on your nerves
ZH: 但这些锄头将让你的神经

EN: Fuck all that kickin 'em to the curb
ZH: 操棒球所有那满贯他们到路边

EN: You lackin that tolerance;
ZH: 你亟待容忍 ;

EN: You let the hoe swallow it, get off in yo' parlor an'
ZH: 你让锄头吞下去,下车哟 ' 客厅好友

EN: stab out to the cajun crab house
ZH: 刺出到卡真蟹家

EN: or the Jamaican cat house
ZH: 或牙买加猫房子

EN: or the college, frat house
ZH: 或学院,兄弟会的房子

EN: for the gul you just, mad house that rat house
ZH: 你只是疯狂的古尔的房子那大鼠房子

EN: And get you some scrub, she ain't ya girl
ZH: 她不是你,给你一些磨砂的女孩

EN: Skeet-skeet one off and dip boi
ZH: 双向飞碟双向飞碟一关闭和蘸 boi

EN: I'm slick as a curl, smooth as a pearl
ZH: 我作为卷曲,象一颗珍珠光滑油滑

EN: Don't, don't be givin no gifts boi
ZH: 不,不是退化着没有礼品 boi

EN: On the first date or the worst date
ZH: 上的第一个日期或最坏的日期

EN: I'm goin all the way on the first play
ZH: 我第一次玩我作伴一路

EN: Like Hail Mary's to field goals
ZH: 像万福玛利亚对领域目标

EN: I think I was put here to drill hoes
ZH: 我觉得我被放在这里钻锄头

EN: For real doe; and while you blowin up my,
ZH: 为真正的指定经营实体 ;和同时亲吻著我,

EN: bar I'm off in your purse
ZH: 酒吧我掉在你的钱包

EN: to get my gas money then I'm back on the 'spressway
ZH: 若要拿我气的钱,然后我回到 ' spressway

EN: And I'm out this verse, geyeah!
ZH: 我不在这一节,geyeah!

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: [Sean Paul]
ZH: [肖恩保罗]

EN: Man this shit gettin crazy, this girl wants to face me
ZH: 伙计这狗屎的很疯狂,这女孩想要面对我

EN: Met her jes last week, told me that her name was Stacey
ZH: 上周见她 jes,告诉我她的名字叫史黛西

EN: Bad lil' bitch, add her straight to my collection
ZH: 坏 lil' 贱人,将她直接添加到我的收藏

EN: Jump in my 'llac, in my pocket got protection
ZH: 跳在我 ' llac,在我口袋里有保护

EN: For thangs to go down, see I ain't playin around
ZH: 自我要走,看看我是不是玩玩而已

EN: Got a half a tank of gas, I'm 85 Southbound
ZH: 我有半个的油箱,是 85 南行

EN: It's a long ass way, I'm from the 20 side of thangs
ZH: 这是一个很长的屁股方法,我是从自我的 20 一侧

EN: She said it's dead serious, hot like some lighter flames
ZH: 她说: 这是已经死了,像一些打火机火焰热

EN: Oh you know how it go, I'm the nigga, she the hoe
ZH: 哦你知道它怎么走,我是黑鬼,她锄头

EN: She told me some mo', I shut my Cadillac do'
ZH: 她告诉我一些 mo',我闭上我凯迪拉克做 '

EN: My hands on the grain, my pedal down to the ground
ZH: 我的手上粮食,我在地上的踏板

EN: Ain't got my license, back so I need to slow down
ZH: 没我的驾照,回所以我需要慢下来

EN: Now I'm scrapin the flo', shawty ain't got on no drawers
ZH: 现在我是 scrapin flo',不错但决比不上没上无抽屉

EN: Man I'm breakin the law, tryna' get me this broad
ZH: 老兄我是梦醒的法律,最潇洒 ' 让我这广泛

EN: I don't know what it is, but shawty fine as hell
ZH: 我不知道它是什么,但不错但决比不上细如地狱

EN: Slum-type that I like, straight from A-T-L
ZH: 我喜欢直接从 A-T-L 的贫民窟-类型

EN: Shawty yeah!
ZH: 不错但决比不上 yes!

EN: Chorus (to fade)
ZH: 合唱 (要淡出)