Young Thug - The Blanguage (2014)

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Young Thug - The Blanguage lyrics

Metro Boomin' want some more nigga

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I fucked her then washed off my dick with the curtains inside of the Phantom
If he standing next to Young Thugger, I train them to kill for the camera
You do not act grown when around you lil’ baby, you need you a pamper
I'm one slimy motherfucker, the devil ride my back like camels
I’m feelin’ like Malcom in the Middle
These bitches, they surround me, they can't miss him
I’m slimey man I’ll wipe a nigga nose
Next time it will be a roll of tissue
A young nigga came a long way from standin’ on the corner with them pistols
I bought her lot of MissMe jeans but I will never ever miss her
I’m chillin’ at the studio these bitches wanna fuck on the banana boat
I’m on the outskirt, chasin’ out the green smokin’ orange kush feelin’ like a cantaloupe
I fell in love with Hannah Montana
All of her niggas dance at the cameras
I fucked cause I slide on her, brother
Then I pulled off another bitch with the nana

The devil done caught my soul

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Ran through my money, my diamonds come wet like a fisherman
I catch the lil bitch and I take her to shop up at Wish and shit!
I’m ballin, I never foul out start with the figure eight
You pussy, you know you a cat I see your whiskers you might Tigger it
Room at the Intercontinental, room at the intercontinental,
Metro, Rollie icey it ain't December I wanna see all the bitches in the front
With her friends Dancing with the pole inside the middle
Is it a parade? Get a nigga
Babysitter, drink vanilla, we are realer, aye
Fuck your mama, fuck your sister, fuckin' kill her, aye
RO'5, caterpillar, rollin’ with em, aye
Found my rhythm, now that’s his ass. Run and kick him, aye
I say the truth because she the truth
Nigga creepin in that coupe, doesn’t fit the roof
Talkin shit, might drop, people listen to it
I’m bangin’ blood, I could never flue it