Young Thug - Spaghetti Factory (2015)

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Young Thug - Spaghetti Factory lyrics

[Verse 1]
Metro that's my motherfuckin' bro
We got these little bitches jumping like toads
I spent a hundred on my wrist and it's froze
I'm screaming "Ow!" and [?] my neck look like a trophy
Burr, all in my ear
No jam, but I pop a pill
Metro he up like [?]
Don't cry, cause I won't fuck a tear
Hey, don't nut till I come up at you bae
I got your bitch [?]
Can't hurt me like I cut off all my nerves
911 where is my clever nurse
Wearing Balmain when I pull up on ya
He know no nothing you might as well
Call a [?] siren
Hot box but my nigga like a cooler
I'ma burn his ass like an overcooked scooter
I'ma pull up on him in a Hummer with his baby mama
I'm the [?] like a major burner
I'm sitting up high in the nosebleed
I pour out the pint, don’t drink no oz
I'm a dinosaur [?] we gon fuck your OG
If you burn me [?] you get a whole [?]
Pussy nigga, I'm bangin' Blood, but I'm livin' like royal
They suckin' and they fuckin' but I want my cash back
See B, they ain't loyal
I'm cash money brother, CMB, YSL we the shit like a toilet
Say L-O-A-D-E and D, motherfucker we loaded

I'm bleeding like Freddy

[Verse 2]
I'ma eat it up like chow, baby, I'ma drive that young girl crazy
I designed [?], pussy tighter than a baby
Nigga been like my persona, I'ma cash out on my mama
I'ma cash out on my father, I'm gon cash out on my brothers
I'm looking like [?] a Milky Way, a natural hair like a dog head
I make it rain she got that forehead, I make her wait I got this style head
Wait, don't bite that dick I want a shark head
I got that game but you can't park it