Young Roddy - Street Pharmacist (Good Sense 2 Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Right!
, But it's easy to get in trouble
, Momma told me, "stay humble!" 
, But what that is?

Young Roddy - Street Pharmacist (Good Sense 2 Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Right!
ZH: 好啦 !

EN: But it's easy to get in trouble
ZH: 但它很容易惹上麻烦

EN: Momma told me, "stay humble!"
ZH: 妈妈告诉我,"保持谦卑的人!"

EN: But what that is?
ZH: 但那是什么?

EN: And I try to stay out of mix, but it's easy to get in trouble
ZH: 我试着远离的组合,但很容易惹上麻烦

EN: I'm coming up hella quick, my momma told me, "stay humble!"
ZH: 我来了海拉快了,我妈妈告诉我,"逗留谦卑的人!"

EN: I'm buzzing off at the streets with no molly, get on my level!
ZH: 我嗡嗡声方案,街道没有莫莉趴在我的水平!

EN: Another kid from the ghetto who you stop, I bet the...
ZH: 另一个孩子从犹太人区你阻止,我敢打赌的人......

EN: Trapped in the belly of the beast, go on, help me!
ZH: 被困在野兽的肚子,去,帮我 !

EN: Oh piece, I'm only trying to eat, you don't film me!
ZH: 哦片断,我只想吃,你不拍我 !

EN: So will I make it up before them killers try to kill me?
ZH: 这样,我就它之前他们杀手要杀我吗?

EN: Yo, all 'em cups trying to numb me, talking reckless on the celly
ZH: 所有他们杯想麻木我谈鲁莽放倒

EN: Throw away the key and lock a nigga with a celly
ZH: 扔掉钥匙和锁与抖黑鬼

EN: In a cell, this is hell, man, the shit that never failed
ZH: 在一个单元格,这是地狱,男人,从来没有的东西

EN: Been working off my tail, check the dirt under my nails
ZH: 已关闭我的尾巴,工作组检查我的指甲下的污垢

EN: Street pharmacist with no diploma from Yale
ZH: 没有从耶鲁大学毕业的文凭街头药剂师

EN: I'm a street general, will send me half of you to tell
ZH: 我是一个街头的将军,会给我一半的你告诉

EN: That I'm almost there, hack a feeling in the air
ZH: 我几乎没有、 破解空气中的一种感觉

EN: And if you ain't had no fresh kicks, them hoes will call you square
ZH: 如果你不是有没有新鲜的踢腿,投机取巧会给你打电话平方米

EN: But that was back then, when they didn't want it, now them hoes all on me
ZH: 但这是回到当时,他们不想它,现在他们都在我的锄头的时候

EN: And if I get some bitch from.. make my tape, I would have been
ZH: 如果买个婊子从...使我的磁带,我会一直

EN: Baby to cop my rolly with that big face.
ZH: 宝贝,让警察我矮墩与那大脸。

EN: I've been, baby about my.. with that template
ZH: 我还在孩子我...该模板

EN: But I'm so underground, way underground I'm hood bound
ZH: 但我是那么地下,方式地下我绑定的敞篷

EN: That little block in... city where you cats can find me
ZH: 在那小块......你猫在哪里可以找到我的城市

EN: I shipped it off and got pace, since ... and Johnny
ZH: 我把东西寄和步伐,既然有...和约翰尼

EN: I shout... and ball, and where's my hobby
ZH: 我大叫和球,和哪里是我的爱好

EN: They shout too, but only they catch a homie!
ZH: 他们喊过,但只他们抓住兄弟 !

EN: That's wicked, stay lost state minds and can't find it
ZH: 这邪恶的、 留丢失的状态头脑和找不到它

EN: ..for a lil paper they're whiling
ZH: ..他们 whiling lil 纸

EN: Sickening, they're hoping... not fly like Vladi
ZH: 溃败,他们希望...不像 Vladi 的飞

EN: Getting this shit, everybody getting in my squad dream!
ZH: 每个人都拿本我的东西,我队梦中获取!

EN: Take your faith at rap or make... a bottom
ZH: 在 rap 采取你的信仰或...使底部

EN: I get the baddest bitches and get brains a bottom.
ZH: 我把在心酸,让大脑底部。

EN: I'm pimping till I'm gone, I know that's wrong
ZH: 我拉皮条直到我走了,我知道这是错误的

EN: But back then, they didn't want me, none of them hoes are uh
ZH: 但那时,他们不想让我、 投机取巧都...

EN: They're lost in this role, I hope the Lord got them, no!
ZH: 他们迷失在这个角色,我希望主拿到了,没有 !

EN: They said our poster be dead a long time ago!
ZH: 他们说我们的海报很久以前就死了!

EN: I can't... in that money, Geronimo
ZH: 我不能在那笔钱 Geronimo

EN: I stay tall in their pussy with no problem, no!
ZH: 我不呆在其阴部没有问题,与高大 !

EN: And me no leprechaun, but searching for a pot of gold
ZH: 我和没有妖精,但寻找一罐金子

EN: I serve clientele like hella back adios
ZH: 我为服务客户像海拉回再见

EN: From ducking popping... I serve the ground for grounds, don't hit me, yo!
ZH: 从回避弹出......我服务的理由的理由,别打我,哟 !

EN: But as I spread my wings and stringing my halo
ZH: 但当我传播我的翅膀和穿线我晕

EN: I'm trying to make my Anne Smith, I'm about my play-role
ZH: 想我安妮 · 史密斯,我是对我的戏剧角色

EN: But for no pesos, they leave your shirts to...
ZH: 但无比索,他们离开你的衬衫到......

EN: So get low, and still fuck them A hoes,
ZH: 所以获取低,而且仍然操他们一锄头,

EN: Them niggas can't hold me, shout out the OG..
ZH: 这些黑鬼不能抱着我,喊出 OG...

EN: Them niggas can't guard me, shout out the..
ZH: 这些黑鬼不能守着我,喊出...

EN: And all this slick dicks only make me go harder
ZH: 这个狡猾的小鸡鸡只有让我去更难

EN: But fuck them, but back them, they didn't want it
ZH: 但操他们,但回他们,他们不想让它

EN: Now them hoes are light!
ZH: 现在他们的锄头是光 !