Young Roddy - Legal Tender (feat. Trademark) (2014)

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Young Roddy - Legal Tender (feat. Trademark) lyrics

Shit, I remember 20 niggas on the block
Niggas running up like how much you get
And I don’t want no bitches, she ain’t the baddest
And she don’t want no nigga without no cabbage
They grinding and say don’t even try to holler
She knows I’m dollar, dollar, dollar, dollars
Either you making it happen or you watching
Made 24 K in one hour
She talking reckless, she must be on a molly
She tryna ride it but I’m grinding, grinding, grinding, grinding
I done made it to the top from the bottom
But at the bottom them niggas busting hollows
Tryna make it like a nigga hit the lotto
But them goons watching like who got it, got it, got it, got it
I got a box of dead presidents in my closet
Make through a bunch of dead rappers who want problems
Roll with my sword, word to Mohammed
And another comma, I’m talking profit, profit, profit
And they told me real Gs move in silence
I made a killing when I used to move that China
I’m out here driving if I ever hear them sirens
I don’t need no lighter to spit that fire, fire, fire, fire
I’m feeling like Dr. Dre on that chronic
I’m feeling like BIG, who shot you?
I’m tryna make my paper circulate
I been plotting all goddamn day

Been in the trenches so long my boots muddy
I live by two rules: love family and get money
Grind behind mines in this rain, snow or when’s sunny
No matter the weather straight out to get this cheddar
Like a fine wine, over time I get better
Niggas sleeping if they think they creeping up to my level
Live by this motto, keeping business over pleasure
Diamond in the rough, dig me up, I’m hidden treasure
Niggas in the hood up to no good, talk Berettas
Attitude whatever, modern day good fellas
Round here you either buying or selling
Snitches get stitches in ditches, so keep it quiet, no telling
Make them dollars circulate, that’s what I’m yelling
Been on this paper chase since I was eleven
Got my pedal to the metal, no slowing up
In the fast lane to get change, watch me snatch it up
Till my pockets fat enough
And I’m people peeling, straight chilling, slinging verses like..
Big business over here, I’m talking mega bucks
Fresh bands in my pants, my pockets stay padded up, nigga