Young Lito - Where Im From (2015)

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Young Lito - Where Im From lyrics

“…Browsnville say, they are sick and tired of all the gun fire. The community is demanding answers tonight, as police try to track down the shooters involved in a gun fight that wounded six people, including two children. Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Lee joins us live now from Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, where some of the injured are tonight.”

“Witnesses heard as many as ten shots around Rockaway and Riverdale Avenues around seven Sunday evening. Council members and community activists say it was a drive-by shooting involving gang members settling a score”

[Verse 1: Young Lito]
Look (look)
Where I’m from, niggas killing for props
They get bored, it’s no war, then they shoot at the cops
It get’s raw, we all poor trying to get to the top
We sold crack, then copped Ups, but we wanted them drops
Listen, I’m from where little niggas slang, everybody bang
So many bodies dropped, the Brother Farrakhan came
And honestly, that shit didn’t mean a thing
Soon as the dude left a little youngin was slain, nigga
We was raised in the dark just like Bane, nigga
He can’t fight, I bet he knows how to aim, nigga
We put in pain, boy
Shots ring, boy
Shit, I might have had a gun before a Gameboy
It ain’t no game boy, it’s no fun here
There’s gangsters everywhere, but a lot of them won’t come here
We go dumb here, kids get hung here
Other neighborhoods don’t compare, nigga
I’m from the ‘ville

At the end of the day we have to save the lives of these young people standing around us, and we’re failing them because we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do

Stop the violence (stop the violence!)

This morning the Brownsville community rallied for safer streets. And this afternoon, officers posted signs and searched under cars for more clues that could lead them to the suspects

[Verse 2: Young Lito]
I know the jungle, I was raised in it
Grew up, got paid in it
Kept the gat on me ‘cause death had no age limit
Addicted to action and violence, I be craving it
So use your head or get a fucking bullet caved in it
I’m from the Hundredth, nigga
And a youngin run it, nigga
Don’t even walk on my block if you ain’t from it, nigga
I really live it, if I spit it then I’ve done it, nigga
All my homies dead or in jail or even wanted, nigga
Lito good in the hood, but I keep the heater
This school of hard knocks, I might have to spray the teacher
‘Cause when you come up, them OGs hate to see you
And niggas that was riding with you can’t wait to leave you…
Dead, with a hole in your fucking head
I’ve seen niggas kill they’re bros for the love of bread
Around here, it gets foul around here
Niggas think they’re tough as hell ‘til we send them down there