Young Jeezy - It's A Cold World (2013)

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Young Jeezy - It's A Cold World lyrics

Yeah, its a cold world, its a cold world
Its a cold world nigga its a cold world
Cold world, its a, its a cold world

[Hook x8]
It's a cold world, it's a, it's a cold world

[Verse 1]
I said them niggas come and get ya' like them boys did Osama
Cause I'm the motherfuckin' man, shoutout to president Obama
Spilled something on my tux, I couldn't even make the dinner
My pain is their pleasure I'm the saint and the sinner
Since the street can be the judge and the jury
Before I go out like a sucker, keep the fame and the jewelry
First nigga to owe me called when they killed his little brother
Met him down at Grady and now I'm prayin' for his mother
Why they take little kay out wish he could have been another
I was just smokin' with him felt like I lost a brother
They killed Mikey, went to serve a nigga by himself
I'm losin' homies everyday, I'm like please somebody else
If nothin' else nigga, I'mma do it for Trayvon
That's on a stack of Bibles, least 2 or 3 Qurans
And what about ?? murked my nigga at a wing-stand
8 years in the feds, and he came home a changed man
It's a cold world

[Hook x8]
It's a cold world, it's a, it's a cold world

[Verse 2]
Who do you believe the preachers or the politicians?
If the mission was impossible would you still take the mission?
Everybody talking, don't nobody want to listen
And the game ain't the same I swear everybody snitchin'
Try to tell him, who got time for a lecture?
Before he's 18, probably end up on a stretcher
Shooter gets shot cause these niggas gonna test you
Get your hustle on but (sirens) won't let you
Was the man before he left, another nigga since he home
Used to have everything, where the fuck he go wrong?
Name used to ring bells, now it's just another name
Guess that's part of life, chasing hood nigga fame
Nigga used to have work but now that nigga ain't working
Starting to get desperate, he's gonna make someone hurt him
Leave with them Ese's ran off with their shit
Found his body in a lake without his hands and his dick

[Hook x8]
It's a cold world, it's a, it's a cold world