Young Jeezy - I Luv It lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, Ride till I die, Lord knows stay high, and I love it
, Let's go!
, [Chorus:]
, We count...
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Young Jeezy - I Luv It (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: Ride till I die, Lord knows stay high, and I love it
ZH: 骑直到死,上帝知道留高,和我爱它

EN: Let's go!
ZH: 我们走吧!

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: We count hundreds on the table, twenty's on the floor
ZH: 我们数上百个在桌子上,二十楼

EN: Fresh outta work and on the way with some more
ZH: 新鲜失去工作,与更多的路上

EN: And I love it (yeah), and I love it
ZH: 我爱它 (yes),和我爱它

EN: I got gangstas in the crowd, bad bitches at my show
ZH: 我得把自己看作在人群中,坏女人在我的表演

EN: Parked outside, and sitting on vogues
ZH: 停在外面,和我们一起坐上风尚

EN: And I love it (yeah), and love it
ZH: 我爱它 (yes),并且爱它

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Once again it's on, I'm back in the motherfucking booth
ZH: 再一次是在上,我又回到他妈的展位

EN: These niggas still lying, I'm the motherfucking truth (YEAH!)
ZH: 这些黑鬼还在撒谎,我他妈的真相 (啊!)

EN: I don't believe I need some more fucking proof
ZH: 我不相信我需要一些更该死的证据

EN: I ain't want the four door, I copped the motherfucking coupe (HA HA!)
ZH: 我没想要四个门,我被抢走他妈的 coupe (HA HA!)

EN: They trying be me, I'm just trying be Jeezy
ZH: 他们想要我,我只是将 Jeezy

EN: And everything comes to 'em like you'll see
ZH: 并且一切都来到了他们像你会看到

EN: These niggas in the dark baby I'll just shine (SHINE)
ZH: 这些黑鬼黑孩子我只是在闪耀 (擦)

EN: I do it from the heart homie they just rhyme (AH!)
ZH: 我做的心兄弟从他们只是押韵 (啊!)

EN: Check your watch nigga it's my time (HEY!)
ZH: 请检查您的手表黑鬼这是我的时间 (嘿!)

EN: Mind made up I was on my grind (THAT'S RIGHT!))
ZH: 组成我的内心被上我磨 (即右)!)

EN: So pay attention yeah you're on my time
ZH: 因此要注意是你是我的时间

EN: In that case time waits for no man
ZH: 在这种情况下的时间不等人

EN: Do it again I done that before man (YEAH!)
ZH: 做它再次我做了什么之前男子 (啊!)

EN: M.O.E., he ain't part of the program
ZH: M.O.E.,他不是计划的一部分

EN: Or maybe you niggas ain't listening
ZH: 或者也许你不想听

EN: Open your eyes - I'm a blessing in disguise
ZH: 睁开你的眼睛-我是因祸得福

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Yeah I blew up, but they like that
ZH: 是的我炸,但他们像这样

EN: They switched up on me, and I ain't like that
ZH: 他们开启了我,和我不一样

EN: Sold my first brick yeah, I came right back
ZH: 是的卖我第一次的砖,就回来

EN: Fast forward the tape, nigga look at me now
ZH: 快进磁带,黑鬼看看我现在

EN: And I never turn back, so motherfuck that
ZH: 我永远不会转回,所以睾丸的

EN: Nike's on the ground got my head to the sky
ZH: 耐克在地上有我的头向天空

EN: Smoked all day, Lord knows I stay high
ZH: 抽了一天,上帝知道我留高

EN: Stay on top, Lord knows I'm gonna try
ZH: 留在上面,上帝知道我要去尝试

EN: And live for the moment, Lord knows I'm gonna die
ZH: 生活就目前而言,上帝知道我要死

EN: And when I get to hell, Lord knows I'm gonna fry
ZH: 若要下地狱后, 主知道我要去南斯拉夫联盟共和国

EN: Woke up this morning so I'm still alive
ZH: 早上醒来,所以我还活着

EN: 36 O's I sold them all for five
ZH: 36 O 卖了他们所有的五个

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Been around the world, it's the same ol' caine
ZH: 已在全世界,它是同一老坚

EN: Been around the world, it's the same ol' thang (true)
ZH: 已在全世界,这是同样的老唐卡 (true)

EN: All the real niggas either dead or in jail
ZH: 所有真正的黑人死亡或进监狱

EN: And if you're looking for me homie, I'm in the A-T-L
ZH: 如果你要找我兄弟,我在 A-T-L

EN: You gotta play it how it go, you can't cheat on life (YEAH!)
ZH: 你得玩它如何它走,你不能欺骗对生活 (啊!)

EN: You better drink a Red Bull, you can't sleep on life
ZH: 你最好喝红牛,你不能睡觉的生活

EN: I ain't tryna do you, I'm tryin' do me
ZH: 我不会委屈你,我试着做我

EN: Last album did two, I'm just tryin' do three
ZH: 最后一张专辑做了两个,我只是想做三

EN: Fresh out the pot yeah the work was hard
ZH: 新鲜出锅是工作很辛苦

EN: Ride with the top down so I'm closer to God
ZH: 所以我更接近于神与顶部骑倒

EN: My P.O. telling me I need a 9 to 5
ZH: 我的假释官告诉我我需要 4:51 上午

EN: But I already got a job, and that's staying alive
ZH: 但我已经有一份工作,和那活命

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Repeat Intro till fade]
ZH: [重复直到淡入淡出的简介]