Young Jeezy - Go Getta (feat. R. Kelly) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro: R. Kelly] + (Young Jeezy)
, Young Jeezy...(CT) And ya boy Kells
, (Yeah...87, 32, what it...
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Young Jeezy - Go Getta (feat. R. Kelly) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro: R. Kelly] + (Young Jeezy)
ZH: [介绍: R.凯利] + (年轻 Jeezy)

EN: Young Jeezy...(CT) And ya boy Kells
ZH: 年轻 Jeezy......(CT)雅男孩凯尔斯

EN: (Yeah...87, 32, what it do, nigga?)
ZH: (是的......87、 32,它做些什么,黑鬼吗?)

EN: Haha. That's right keep clapping ya'll. DJ you playing with us, turn it up
ZH: 哈哈。这是正确保持拍手雅会。DJ 你在玩我们,开大一点

EN: (Kiki, I got you homie, Let's get it)
ZH: (琪琪,我给你兄弟,让它开始)

EN: Let's go get 'em Jeezy...oh, oh, oh
ZH: 我们去接他们 Jeezy...哦,哦,哦

EN: [Chorus: R Kelly]
ZH: [合唱: R 凯利]

EN: You know we trap all day (oh) we play all night (oh)
ZH: 你知道我们捕获所有天 (oh) 我们玩通宵 (哦)

EN: This is the life of a, the life of a (ay)
ZH: 这就是生活、 生命的 (ay)

EN: Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (yeeeah)
ZH: 去 Getta (ay) 去 Getta (ay) 去 Getta (yeeeah)

EN: And in the club, you see a bad bitch, point her out (oh)
ZH: 在俱乐部,你看看娘坏,指出她 (oh)

EN: Yeah ya damn right I'ma (ay) ya damn right I'ma (ay)
ZH: 是的你该死的右实话 (ay) 震遐该死的右实话 (ay)

EN: Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (ay) Go Getta (yeeeah)
ZH: 去 Getta (ay) 去 Getta (ay) 去 Getta (yeeeah)

EN: [Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 年轻 Jeezy]

EN: Enemy of the state, they calling him Will Smith (whoa)
ZH: 敌人的状态,他们叫他威尔 · 史密斯 (哇)

EN: Thing on my side, you can call that Jada (damn)
ZH: 站在我这边的事情,你可以叫那 Jada (该死)

EN: Them boys talking down, yeah we call them haters
ZH: 他们男孩的口气说话,是我们叫他们仇恨

EN: I'm balling right now so we'll get to that later (oh oh oh oh)
ZH: 我在跳舞呢现在所以我们稍后会说到 (哦哦哦哦)

EN: I be the first to admit I'm such an alcoholic (oh oh oh oh)
ZH: 我是第一个承认我这种酒精 (哦哦哦哦)

EN: Only blow the good shit, yeah that wuchumacallit (haha)
ZH: 只吹好妈的是那 wuchumacallit (哈哈)

EN: Catch me posted on the block, in something excited (whoa)
ZH: 抓到我发帖的块中东西兴奋 (哇)

EN: 0-7 year, the same color Hypnotik (yeeeeeah)
ZH: 0 7 年,相同的颜色 Hypnotik (yeeeeeah)

EN: On the outside lookin, and I want in (ay)
ZH: 在外面你,和我想要在 (ay)

EN: My homie did the same thing and he got ten (damn)
ZH: 我老乡做同样的事和他有十个 (该死)

EN: Just took a loss, still tryin to win (yeah)
ZH: 只是花了一项损失,仍尽力赢 (yes)

EN: Ain't tryin to give back, so what you tryin to spend? (Let's get it)
ZH: 不是尽力给回来,所以什么你的天空花吗?(让它)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 2: Young Jeezy]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 年轻 Jeezy]

EN: We live life on the edge like there's no tommorrow (damn)
ZH: 我们生活在边缘上像有没有明天 (该死)

EN: And grind hard like there's no today
ZH: 磨硬像有没有今天

EN: And do the same shit like it's yesterday
ZH: 和做相同的事,像是昨天

EN: The game never stop, so who's next to play? (oh oh oh oh)
ZH: 永远不用停止游戏,那么谁是下一步要发挥?(哦哦哦哦)

EN: Against all odds, you can place ya bets (oh oh oh oh)
ZH: 排除万难,你可以下注震遐 (哦哦哦哦)

EN: Yeah I'm just getting started so I ain't done yet (nah)
ZH: 是的我是刚刚起步所以我没做过但 (no)

EN: Risk it all, you can lose ya life
ZH: 它所有的风险,你可以失去你的生活

EN: What else can I say? That's a helluva price (damn)
ZH: 我还有什么可说呢?这就是代价 (该死)

EN: I don't under cause I overstand
ZH: 我不下原因我 overstand

EN: No time for mistakes so I overplan (ay)
ZH: 没有时间去所以我 overplan (ay) 的错误

EN: I'm in the club like what? 4-5 with me (yeah)
ZH: 我在俱乐部像什么?4-5 跟我 (yes)

EN: And I'ma stay thuggin till the feds come get me (yeeeeeeah)
ZH: 我要逗留痞子直到联邦调查局来找我 (yeeeeeeah)

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 3: R. Kelly]
ZH: [诗歌 3: R.凯利]

EN: Hey, hey, this is how we play
ZH: 嘿,嘿,这是我们怎么玩

EN: When we roll up to the club high sittin on twenty-tre's
ZH: 当我们向俱乐部高甜上二十 tre 卷起

EN: Hop out like we fly dealers
ZH: 像我们飞经销商合明

EN: Top models grabbin us
ZH: 顶级模特拉扯我们

EN: They love them Go Getta's only in the mag
ZH: 他们爱他们摄影师去的平均只有在 mag

EN: Put the D on, chicks like Wallace
ZH: 小鸡放在 D,喜欢华莱士

EN: Turn 'em forward now, they can have all of this
ZH: 现在他们前进,他们可以有这一切

EN: Can't deny it when you see the wheels spinnin
ZH: 不能否认它当你看到无解的轮子

EN: Boy Kells out the coupe in Miami white linen
ZH: 男孩出小轿车在迈阿密 Kells 白色亚麻布

EN: Chips big spending, walk up out the club with a shitload of women
ZH: 芯片大开支,出去与一堆的妇女俱乐部

EN: Soon as I see what I like I'ma get it
ZH: 不久我看到我的喜欢我得去拿它

EN: I'ma get it, oh I'ma get it, cause I'ma Go Getta
ZH: 我要得到它,哦我要得到它,导致我要去 Getta

EN: [Chorus with variations]
ZH: [变异的合唱]

EN: (talk to fade)
ZH: (淡的谈话)