Young Jeezy - Freestyle lyrics (Chinese translation). | Kids coming up from the alleys not like the valleys
, Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali
, So...
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Young Jeezy - Freestyle (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Kids coming up from the alleys not like the valleys
ZH: 从小巷不像山谷里出来的孩子

EN: Southtown San Diego rats out here in Cali
ZH: Southtown 圣地亚哥大鼠在卡利

EN: So Cal with the crew to show'em how
ZH: 所以卡尔与乘员组到展示如何

EN: You like me now, with the sound straight underground
ZH: 你喜欢我现在,与声音直地下

EN: Putt'n it down, lift up this jewel that I have found
ZH: Putt'n 它下来,我发现这个宝石抬起

EN: And pass it around, flowing against the crowd
ZH: 并将它传递周围流动人群反对

EN: Hip-hop hardknox rhym'n soon as the tune drops
ZH: 很快作为曲调嘻哈 hardknox rhym'n 滴眼液

EN: Negative small talks, homie star kick'n rocks
ZH: 消极的小讲座、 兄弟星 kick'n 岩

EN: and thake it all down the blocks where it belongs
ZH: 和萨凯它都放下它属于地方的块

EN: A demo of songs but they wouldn't put me on
ZH: 歌曲的演示,但他们不会把我放

EN: Thought I was gone, too late, but who's to say
ZH: 以为我是去了,太晚了,但谁又能说

EN: My pockets are empty and I got dues to pay
ZH: 我的口袋是空的还有会费支付

EN: (B section)
ZH: (B 部分)

EN: To the tic tock you don't stop
ZH: Tic 滴答到你不停止

EN: To the tic tock you don't quit, hit it
ZH: Tic 滴答到你不退出,打它

EN: chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: Freestyle, freak with the flava it's the sure shot
ZH: 自由式,怪物与弗拉瓦就一定射

EN: Floss up the Ave, when the spot gets hot
ZH: 当现场变得热起来 Ave,牙

EN: Still pay'n dues and knock'em out the box
ZH: 仍然 pay'n 会费和框中出 knock'em

EN: That's how it is homie like it or not
ZH: 那是怎样是像它的兄弟

EN: It's bad enough late bills keep stacking up
ZH: 这是坏足够晚法案保持堆叠

EN: No one ever told me that it would cost this much
ZH: 从来没有人告诉我这会花费这多

EN: So buckle up and come along for the ride
ZH: 所以扣起来,来搭个便车

EN: Catching the vibes and staying true to my tribe
ZH: 捕捉到共鸣和坚持我的部落

EN: I got mad love for the ones that still around
ZH: 我知道那些疯狂的爱还在

EN: Knew you'd be down from the get-go here and now
ZH: 就知道你会下来从开始就在这里和现在

EN: You make me proud from the diapers to the grave
ZH: 你让我骄傲从尿布到坟墓

EN: No masqurade, stayed the same like in the day
ZH: 没有 masqurade,待相同象在一天

EN: On day when we all get saved
ZH: 一天我们都得到保存时

EN: We're gonna change the world no matter what they say
ZH: 我们要改变这个世界,不管他们说什么

EN: And stay real playing what we feel
ZH: 待真正发挥出我们的感觉

EN: I'll keep praying for you while you shoot to thrill
ZH: 我会一直为你祈祷同时拍摄直击

EN: (B Section)
ZH: (B一节)

EN: chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: It's been a long time
ZH: 很长一段时间

EN: It's been a long time com'n
ZH: 它已经很长时间 com'n

EN: Hated by many and loved by less
ZH: 由许多和所爱的较少恨

EN: Hold the thresh, resurrected here in the West
ZH: 持有谷,这里复活在西方

EN: Clinch the fist; dismiss the stereotype myths
ZH: 克林奇拳 ;解雇的刻板印象神话

EN: Loose lips sing ships, then plead the fifth
ZH: 松散的嘴唇唱船,然后请求第五修正案

EN: You hated this, no reason you hated this
ZH: 你讨厌这一点,你讨厌这没有理由

EN: If you only know you'd be the first one to enlist
ZH: 如果你只知道你将第一个登记

EN: We come in love cause its just how we does
ZH: 我们来爱的只是如何我们不会

EN: Fit the frame staying the same as it ever was
ZH: 适合随着曾经是保持相同的帧

EN: (B Section)
ZH: (B 部分)

EN: chorus
ZH: 合唱