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, [Chorus]
, Its a friday night and the bass was bumpin the honeyz was rockin the party was...
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Young Gunz - Friday Night (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: 3,2,1 Go
ZH: 3,2,1 去

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Its a friday night and the bass was bumpin the honeyz was rockin the party was jumpin it wasnt
ZH: 其一个周五的晚上和低音是风 honeyz 是摇滚党是东西战争不是

EN: long for everybody knew (just blaze) Whats on the b box (Youn Gunz) Travel wit the heat rock
ZH: 长时间对每个人都知道 (只是火焰) b 上的是什么框 (扬云斯) 旅行机智热岩

EN: before I hit the club hit the weed spot it goes 1,2,3,and
ZH: 我命中俱乐部命中之前杂草魔它去 1、 2、 3 和

EN: [Chris]
ZH: [克里斯]

EN: Its like king midas as I was told young C was on the block 13 years old I dont mean to brag I
ZH: 它像国王 midas,据我所知的年轻 C 是 13 岁,我不是吹牛我块

EN: had the meanest bag the suppliers was my peeps I was bringin half took charge of the block a
ZH: 供应商是我是如若我偷看的卑鄙袋子一半采取了块的费用

EN: pean the ave still bringin cash on the scene at last still gloves and mask as i proceed mad
ZH: pean 仍然 ave 如若现金现场最后仍然手套和面具,我继续疯狂

EN: mats, mad gats, mad hollow seed, Ya man actin crazy roll wit the kid, playa been hella pimpin
ZH: 席子、 疯狂服务贸易总协定、 疯狂的空心种子、 肌动蛋白疯狂卷机智的孩子,那个男人海滩被海拉 pimpin

EN: you already know what it is, they dont gotta notice the whip, I don show them the wrist, they
ZH: 你已经知道它是什么,他们不得注意鞭子,我不给他们看手腕,他们

EN: already know that chris and they know tha to stick to the script it don't last long hittem and
ZH: 已经知道克里斯和他们知道临贴到脚本它不最后长 hittem 和

EN: i last long cant drive em south long send em in a cab home you takin mad long get cha bags gone
ZH: 我最后很久不能开车 em 南长发送 em 长羚牛疯狂的你是茶袋走了打车回家

EN: I aint got a dime for you time for me pass on
ZH: 我没趣你对我来说时间通上一分钱

EN: [Chorus 1x]
ZH: [合唱 1 x]

EN: [Chris]
ZH: [克里斯]

EN: Back in effect vest, mach in the tech, show you how to clap wit perfect when they actin a mess
ZH: 回到实际上背心,马赫在科技,教你怎么拍的机智完美的时候他们肌动蛋白一团糟

EN: we from north PHILLY free, peedie crack and the rest mac south side O and sparks back on the
ZH: 我们从北费城自由、 peedie 裂纹和其他 mac 南侧 O 和火花背面

EN: West we the leaders of the new school,heated cause my jewls cool get my jewls cool every
ZH: 西我们领导人的新的学校,加热导致我-福尔摩斯酷让我-福尔摩斯酷每

EN: weekend its a new crew bout to set the record staight soon as the record break ship t2 more to
ZH: 它是一个新的乘员组回合将设置记录直接丢很快破记录船舶 t2 作为更多为周末

EN: the store wath it levatate
ZH: 存储区瓦斯它levatate

EN: [Neef]
ZH: [] Neef

EN: Yeah we never late early in the game we brought pain yup heavy spen up in every state yeah you
ZH: 我们永远不会晚早在我们在每个国家中长大疼痛 yup 重天各一方的游戏是的是的你

EN: bond to hate tiered of the boad and tape 7 60 bound to scape put em all around ya face time to
ZH: 债券恨分层的防火板和磁带 7 60 绑定到景观放的 em 周围震遐都面临着时间到

EN: cool walk in ya place get every dime you got up out of ya safe plus you gettin more surronded
ZH: 酷走在震遐地方获取每一分钱你起床你安全再加上你得到更多 surronded

EN: wit bait before the law come surroundin ya place my dogs get every pound of ya cake
ZH: 机智诱饵法来 surroundin 震遐之前放置震遐的每一磅蛋糕我的狗送

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Neef]
ZH: [] Neef

EN: We the present and the futer you might as well get used to us we been around a minute givin em
ZH: 我们的现在和你可能也习惯于我们的 futer 我们一直围绕分钟 givin em

EN: what they wanted the niggas they never fronted but still sick to they stomache once they hear
ZH: 他们想要的是爱他们替毒永远不贩牵线但仍病到他们因为一旦他们听到

EN: about the gunnaz yeah they know they girl comin you try to tell her "Please baby dont wear
ZH: 关于 gunnaz 是他们知道他们女孩进你试着告诉她"请宝宝不穿

EN: that" but she's on her own think she aint tryna hear that you knowin whats gonna happen after
ZH: 这个"但是她对她自己觉得她是不是委屈听到,你知道什么是要发生后

EN: the party C and Neef up in the sweat we fishin out the lobby back after back she trippin all
ZH: 党 C 和 Neef 起来在汗水我们在大厅打捞工具回来后回她轻轻所有

EN: off that army me , cuff my lib not even probably the gang hereso these chickens get bodied we
ZH: 关闭那军队我,袖带我 lib 甚至可能没有这些鸡只得到帮派让饱满我们

EN: show you how we switch up better than the party, did it in the party me slippin out hardly baby
ZH: 我们如何切换得都比党,你在该缔约方我不想的显示出几乎不宝贝

EN: baretta tucked the addition we army hit them niggas up then we breeze off calmly bucky right
ZH: 巴雷塔塞另外我们军队打他们黑鬼然后我们春风关闭镇静地巴奇右

EN: behind me the ROC behind me Yup
ZH: 在我身后是中华民国后面

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Chris and lil neefie
ZH: 克里斯和 lil neefie

EN: [6x]
ZH: [6] x