Young Dro - 100 Yard Dash lyrics

All we make is cash straight drop blast niggas try to jack then straight drop dash trunck on blast now are cars go fast chopper make a nigga do a 100 yard dash

Verse 1: I'm a bank head veterian nigga take excedamen i'm betta man nigga play around and i hit him in the head agin u heard wat i said again throw him in the shed again Make ya nana say amen ben gay uh i men gay men will shot so..


Verse 2: Stop! for u get shot wit the clock work shoot u and ya man and make ya block hurt u see the lamb like lamb chops my hollow tips will clear up ya whole block haha u thought nah nah ima keep it wit the mean flow iam quick to snach a hoe and tell her to make my damn cash for her head get put in the trambalast because..

Chorus..Repeat 2x