Young Buck - I Got It lyrics

Young Jeezy Verse 1:
The albums on the way nigga
So is the bricks, my moneys long nigga so is the clips, i'm in the middle of the projects half a million dollar car, ayo on the front seat a mafuckin superstar, you who we are you know where we be, i hear dem little niggas talkin dey ain't seein me, i'm a fuckin g, you a fuckin hoe, when dat bag get in imma make it snow, niggas say my name, what da fuck is all the talk about, call lil bro tell dem niggas bring dem choppas out, nigga i run da a, i said i run da a, da choppas ain't enough so i brought da k
Young Buck Chorus x2:
If ever theres a drought out in your hood, i got it, coke ain't jumpin pack like it should, i got it, you ain't gotta worry bout me, i got it, the streets nigga this is where we be, i got it.
Young Buck Verse 2:

I'm strapped up, da clip is hangin out my pants, i might snap, and i ain't talkin bout the dance, just bought a gun wit some rap niggas names on it, i seen em at the VMAs, and they ain't want it, copped another whip, yeah i'm tellin erbody, i don't know what kind it is but it's a maseratti, cashville got these young niggas eaten too, so trust me they ain't got no problem beaten you, put the beam on em, then connect the dots, niggas direspectful, but they respect the glocks, enough talkin, let's see who got em hot now, i got my money right the war's about to start now.
Young Buck Chorus x2