Yonder Mountain String Band - To Say Goodbye, To Be Forgiven lyrics

Are you one foot in the grave, or one step closer to your savior
Brother tell me how it feels, it's much too soon to meet your maker
You ain't ever walked a line, boy, you always were a rebel
Now ain't no time to strike a deal now, now for someone to cheat the devil

Won't get a nickle for your name, no, 'course you won't need it where you're going
But brother tell me can you feel, now, the winds of change that started blowing
It ain't a hot and dusty road, no, it ain't a highway it's a journey
Sure you're walking for the train still, but it's a train that's bound for glory

Every man is born to die, there ain't no mystery but livin'
Brother tell me is it hard to say goodbye, to be forgiven
You won't ever get it back, don't you hear the angels calling
'Cause you listen to them now, now that the tears have started fallin'

When he reaches out his hand for you, and you kneel before you savior
Say, your brothers know you're gone now, gone to heaven a believer
Say, your brothers know you're gone, gone to heaven a believer