Yonder Mountain String Band - Steep Grade, Sharp Curve lyrics

About three miles from border town, the california nevada line
The morning sun does rise and fall, and the midnight wind it does whistle and wind
Like a dust cloud from the flatland with the force of the mountain behind
Stood in front of me, a vision to see, with her thumb aimed to the sky
Yes she jumped inside and spoke her name, Cecelia Dee from Abilene
I caught her eye, as I was hypnotized, like a fire fed with kerosene
Just one look, that was all it took, I was trying to put up a good fight but I was hooked
Down the road a little ways she said to me, and then we'll see how far we go

Steep grade, sharp curves, a treacherous stretch of highway
Put me in a tailspin that I just might never get out of
Steep grade, sharp curves, said she was going my way
Wishin' now till my dying day that I had never believed her

There began the night of my life with the cheap cocaine and neon lights
My vision, my lungs, and reality blurred, no heaven or hell, no wrong or right
Stuck my face to her hands and kissed me like never before
Said do what you want, but don't you dare leave me tonight

[ Chorus ]

Now it's three days later and the time doesn't matter, just tell me where's my watch and my cash
Forgive me please for how I might have behaved, for I can't seem to remember what happened
She was like a dream, (???), Cecelia Dee from Abilene
Last thing I remember she was smilin' like the devil and laughing like all hell
As she rode out of sight

[ Chorus ]

Wishin' now till my dying day that I had never believed her