Yonder Mountain String Band - Check Out Time lyrics

Hotel keys are what I'm holding.
It's room number 225.
Hotel keys are what I'm holding.
I'm here but I'm barely alive.

Had a hotel room in Tennessee.
What the hell is going on below me?
Voices scattered in rows
Up through the floors.
Silence was shattered
By the slamming of the doors.


Well a busted sign said "Vacancy."
It all seemed like a mess to me.
All I wanted was a good night's rest.
I'm sick and I'm tired
And I couldn't care less.


It's gonna come quick that quarter til four
It's ten after three
And I just spilled some more.
Red light numbers are set
And it's gonna be sad.
I won't get no sleep
For a deal that's gone bad.


When the headlights came,
It was over fast.
They were out of there
By a quarter past.
Yeah I know they all went down the line.
Blood-shot eyes at check out time.


I'm here but I'm barely alive