Yolanda Adams - Someone Watching Over You

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Yolanda Adams - Someone Watching Over You lyrics

Say that your not afraid
your just fine
got it all figured out this time
all of the plans you made
will work out
deep inside you have your doubts
but your clinging to your pride
and you trust
you'll know
your free to let it go

cause even when it rains outside
there is light
even when you cry all night
you're alright
even when you loose your way
you'll get through
cause there is someone watching over you

say you've been hurt before your afraid
that you'll never love again
and why should you take a chance just to fall
but you'd rather build a wall
than believe that you are loved
open up your heart
someone needs you as you are

I've been there
at times I get scared
it's true
but I hold on to that
I cant see
something inside of me
and that's what give me strength to believe