Ying Yang Twins - Live Again (feat. Adam Levine) lyrics (Chinese translation). | I know what you go through
, From me to you, I love you
, From the nigga to the baller, never...
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Ying Yang Twins - Live Again (feat. Adam Levine) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I know what you go through
ZH: 我知道你的经历

EN: From me to you, I love you
ZH: 从我到你,我爱你

EN: From the nigga to the baller, never satisfied
ZH: 从叫号到黑鬼,永不满足

EN: So the money got you doing shit that'll fuck up your pride
ZH: 所以这笔钱给你做就会搞砸你的骄傲的事

EN: You ain't a hoe, you just really trying to get by
ZH: 你不是一把锄头,你只是真的想要得到

EN: Every day looking up at the sky
ZH: 仰望天空的每一天

EN: Sometimes, shit get so hard
ZH: 有时大便会这么难

EN: It really have you bothered
ZH: 它真的有你困扰

EN: First you sigh, then you cry
ZH: 第一次你叹息,然后你哭

EN: Up a whole puddle of water
ZH: 把整个水坑里的水

EN: Seem like this shit won't ever end
ZH: 看起来像这东西永远不会结束

EN: Merry go rounds to the whirlwinds
ZH: 风流去旋风轮

EN: Waves turn to a hurricane
ZH: 波转到一场飓风

EN: If you see joy, you got to see pain
ZH: 如果您看到的喜悦,你能见到的痛苦

EN: Shit in the world ain't gonna ever change
ZH: 在世界中的东西不会改变

EN: Even when you die, it'll be the same
ZH: 即使你死的时候,它就会一样

EN: Now you due to them circumstances
ZH: 由于他们的情况你现在

EN: Jars aren't counted so your forced to dance
ZH: 罐子不计数这样强迫跳舞

EN: Hoping and praying for a second chance
ZH: 希望和祈祷的为第二次机会

EN: Just wanna put back on your pants
ZH: 只是想要回穿上裤子

EN: Walk out the club and throw up your hands
ZH: 走出俱乐部和吐了你的手

EN: Tired of being disrespected by her man
ZH: 厌倦了被无视她的男人

EN: Think this shit ain't right for you
ZH: 觉得这东西不是你的权利

EN: Niggaz been yellin all night for you
ZH: 这些黑鬼一直叫喊整夜为你

EN: Got in your mind what's best for you
ZH: 你脑子里有什么对你最好

EN: Walk up to the club to tell them your through
ZH: 走到俱乐部来告诉他们您通过

EN: [Chorus: Adam Levine]
ZH: [合唱: 亚当 Levine]

EN: She's stuck off in this little room
ZH: 她已陷入了这小房间

EN: With nothing left to hold onto
ZH: 什么都没剩下抓紧

EN: Her life is in a little box
ZH: 她的生活是在一个小盒子

EN: She's wondering will it ever stop?
ZH: 她想知道它什么时候才能停止呢?

EN: The life of a stripper
ZH: 一个脱衣舞娘的生活

EN: [Hook: Girl]
ZH: [钩: 女孩]

EN: I'm so sick and I'm so tired
ZH: 我很讨厌和我太累了

EN: Of these clubs, I keep crying
ZH: 这些俱乐部,大打出手

EN: Every night, I wipe my eyes
ZH: 每天晚上,我擦我的眼睛

EN: Cause these years pass me by
ZH: 因为这些年来我经过

EN: I give up, I'm all in
ZH: 我放弃了,我都在

EN: My whole life is full of sin
ZH: 我的一生充满了罪恶

EN: This road is a dead end
ZH: 这条路是死的结束

EN: I wanna live again
ZH: 我想再活

EN: [D-Roc]
ZH: [D-中华民国]

EN: From the part where a child is torn from a mothers umbilical cord
ZH: 从一个孩子从母亲脐带的撕毁哪里的部分

EN: No one really enforces that lifes gonna be hard
ZH: 没有人真的强制执行变得困难生活

EN: Which is kinda left up to the teachers
ZH: 其中都有点留给教师

EN: And the teachers leave it up to the preachers
ZH: 老师们把它留给传道人

EN: the preachers ain't fillin' up the bleachers
ZH: 传道人不是塞满看台

EN: It's the rappers
ZH: 它是说唱

EN: Sad, ain't it
ZH: 悲伤,是不是

EN: [Kane]
ZH: [凯恩]

EN: It was this girl named Star, pretty fine little woman
ZH: 就是这女孩名为星,相当不错的小女人

EN: Going to college, taking off her clothes for money
ZH: 去上大学,钱她的衣服脱

EN: She gotta pay the rent, she got a little girl
ZH: 她要付房租,她有一个小女孩

EN: Her baby daddy ain't shit, See what she dealin with?
ZH: 狗屁不是她孩子的父亲,看到什么她与盘点吗?

EN: But she gotta hold on (hold on)
ZH: 但她一定要坚持 (坚持 !

EN: Wanna leave the club alone (you dead wrong)
ZH: 想要离开俱乐部单独 (你死错了)

EN: She gotta pay the bills but in the meantime
ZH: 但在此同时她得付帐单

EN: She like "fuck how she feel" living is real
ZH: 她像"操她感觉如何"生活是真实的

EN: So she back in the club again
ZH: 所以她又回来在俱乐部

EN: Taking off her clothes again
ZH: 再脱她的衣服

EN: Going to school, going to work, getting tiring
ZH: 去上学,去工作,越来越累

EN: Lack of sleep but baby gotta eat
ZH: 缺乏睡眠,而婴儿要吃点

EN: and these shoes on her feet
ZH: 和她脚上的这双鞋

EN: She got a test next week so she stressed
ZH: 她有一个测试下周,所以她强调

EN: Ask god to give her a blessing, send her in the right direction
ZH: 求神给她一个祝福,送她正确的方向

EN: Her parents died when she was eight years old
ZH: 她的父母在她八岁时去世

EN: And after that, she felt like she was all alone
ZH: 之后,她觉得她一直孤独

EN: But she got her grandparents and they raised her well
ZH: 但她有她的祖父母和他们提出她好

EN: Keep going to school, take care of yourself
ZH: 保持去上学、 照顾好自己

EN: Getting hard, going to school and work in the club
ZH: 越来越难,要在俱乐部工作及学校

EN: And at the same time looking for love
ZH: 同时寻找爱

EN: She can't keep skipping for an occupation
ZH: 她不能保持一种职业跳绳

EN: In a minute, she'll be graduating
ZH: 在一分钟,她即将毕业

EN: Make her wanna throw up her hands
ZH: 让她想吐她的手

EN: Now she only wanna live again
ZH: 现在她只想要再住

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]