Yelawolf - Radio (Radioactive Album) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, I can't seem to get you off my mind
, Turn on the station, but I'm still facing ?
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Yelawolf - Radio (Radioactive Album) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: I can't seem to get you off my mind
ZH: 我似乎无法把你从我心中

EN: Turn on the station, but I'm still facing ?
ZH: 打开车站,但我仍然面临吗?

EN: Everbody seem to lost their mind
ZH: 大家一起来似乎失去了他们的内心

EN: It's hard to handle, so I, change the channel on the
ZH: 很难处理,因此,更改频道上

EN: Radio.... Cause internet killed the radio star
ZH: 电台 … …。因为互联网杀广播明星

EN: Radio.... And YouTube, killed the video star
ZH: 电台 … …。YouTube,杀视频明星

EN: Hit the radio
ZH: 打收音机

EN: We can make a, make a video
ZH: 我们可以,使视频

EN: Now I'm a star
ZH: 现在我是明星

EN: Hit the radio
ZH: 打收音机

EN: We can make a, make a video
ZH: 我们可以,使视频

EN: Now I'm a star
ZH: 现在我是明星

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [诗歌 1]

EN: Picture me rollin' Pac, it's funny how time has changed
ZH: 图片我 rollin' Pac,很好笑时间的改变了

EN: Everybody's a critic now, it's all a debate on the internet wave
ZH: 每个人都是一个批评家现在,而是所有辩论上互联网浪潮

EN: It used to be you and Biggie, Chili Pepper's Give It Away
ZH: 它曾经是你和大事,辣椒的给它走

EN: Now we got ten year-olds sitting back in a chair like "those were the days"
ZH: 现在我们有了十岁坐在一张椅子上喜欢"那些日子"

EN: And though it seems so amazing to me that the labels lost the touch
ZH: 尽管似乎很奇妙标签失去了联系我

EN: And I'm in the AM, flipping through the A.M. like I lost my crutch, limpin'
ZH: 我在上午,翻阅上午,像我失去了我的拐杖,limpin'

EN: Cause I can't walk straight if I can't turn it up, sippin'
ZH: 我不能走直线,如果我不能把它了,sippin' 的原因

EN: I need some Gin and Juice, Snoop Dogg, I brought my cup
ZH: 我需要一些杜松子酒、 果汁、 Snoop Dogg,我带我的杯子

EN: What's up, ah ha, okay, shut up
ZH: 怎么样,啊哈,好吧闭嘴

EN: Cause I think we had enough of radios and lunch with the love bugs
ZH: 我认为我们有足够多的无线电通讯设备和午餐与爱 bug 的原因

EN: Well let me give you a big hug
ZH: 让我给你一个拥抱

EN: Bag of mushrooms, here, take some drugs
ZH: 袋的蘑菇,在这里,服用一些药物

EN: And play some group home or something
ZH: 玩一些集团网站首页或东西

EN: And give your mom's old ? or something
ZH: 并给你妈老吗?还是什么

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [诗歌 2]

EN: You'll never hear Black Star cause the program director is mostly deaf
ZH: 你将永远不会听到黑明星事业项目主任大多是聋

EN: And you'll never hear triple six cause we live in the midst of the Bible Belt
ZH: 你永远不会听到三六的因为我们生活在圣经带的

EN: But that's when the light is filled, so let it shine
ZH: 但这就是当光填充,这样让它发光

EN: Let em' rhyme, let em' hustle, let em grind
ZH: 让 em' 押韵,让 em' 快,让 em 磨

EN: Let em' roam with the truth sometimes
ZH: 让 em' 真理有时漫游

EN: Sometimes, the truth is dark but the darkness sparks the truest art
ZH: 有时,事实是黑暗,但黑暗火花的最真实的艺术

EN: And you didn't even know you a window till a tornado blew it apart
ZH: 你不知道你一个窗口直到龙卷风吹它分开

EN: If Eric Clapton could sing about cocaine, then there's no harm
ZH: 如果名琴能唱着关于可卡因,那么没有危害

EN: Then I can write about drugs, I can rap about girls
ZH: 然后我可以写关于毒品,我可以对女孩子说唱

EN: I can sing about fleeing cars
ZH: 我可以唱着关于逃离汽车

EN: Not that my money is large
ZH: 不我的钱是大

EN: Let's talk about broke is a joke
ZH: 让我们谈谈破产是个笑话

EN: Let's talk about gettin' evicted, everything owned thrown out on the road
ZH: 让我们谈谈卡住驱逐,一切都拥有引发出的道路上

EN: And maybe that there goes gold
ZH: 也许有了金

EN: Shit maybe it's bad I'm sold
ZH: 倒霉的也许是不好的我卖

EN: But they don't want to see the green leaves from pirates
ZH: 但他们不想看到绿叶从海盗

EN: Oh no, hold up
ZH: 哦不,举起

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Bridge]
ZH: [桥]

EN: Pick up the change, pick up the change
ZH: 拿起变化,捡起变化

EN: Ride in a Chevy cause I'm sick of the Range
ZH: 骑在雪佛兰原因我生病的范围

EN: Catfish Billy come pick up the name
ZH: 鲶鱼比利快来拿起名称

EN: Come inside, if your sick of the rain
ZH: 进来吧,如果你生病的雨

EN: Turn the radio off and don't complain
ZH: 关闭无线电和不要抱怨

EN: It's all a replay, it's all the same
ZH: 它是所有重播,而是都是一样的

EN: Got one drag, on a runaway train
ZH: 有一个拖,失控的火车上

EN: On a one way street better pick your lane
ZH: 上了一条街更好地选择您巷

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: Yeah, but you could let me pick your brain
ZH: 是的但是如果你能让我选了你的大脑

EN: And we could be that Rolling Stone
ZH: 我们是该滚动的石头

EN: Mix'em up with Janis Joplin
ZH: 与亚尼斯乔普林了 Mix'em

EN: Let 'em harmonize like Bone
ZH: 让他们像骨协调

EN: Or we could just leave it alone
ZH: 我们就可以让它单独或

EN: Let it take on a life of it's own
ZH: 拿它自己的生命

EN: Or we could be that World Class Wreckin' Cru
ZH: 或者我们可能是这世界类 Wreckin' Cru

EN: Tell 'em to turn the lights back on
ZH: 告诉他们要重新打开灯

EN: C'mon
ZH: 拜托