Yelawolf - Looking For Alien Love lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, Smatterchew
, Smatter
, [Verse 1]
, Gather ‘round people
, From my distant world
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Yelawolf - Looking For Alien Love (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: Smatterchew
ZH: Smatterchew

EN: Smatter
ZH: Smatter

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: Gather ‘round people
ZH: 收集 ' 圆的人

EN: From my distant world
ZH: 从我遥远的世界

EN: Across Etowah County I reach
ZH: 跨埃托瓦县我到达

EN: Into your zone
ZH: 到您的时区

EN: Excuse me for cuttin’ in line
ZH: 请原谅我急行中

EN: I am awful sorry for intruding on your space
ZH: 很抱歉,妨碍对您的共享空间

EN: But I feel I am rather blessed in this issue
ZH: 但我觉得我宁可很幸运在这一问题

EN: Which you happen to be involved with
ZH: 其中你碰巧是参与

EN: Love is only relevant if you understand the target
ZH: 爱才是相关的如果您了解目标

EN: Any questions?
ZH: 任何问题吗?

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: I’m on my own, I’m a single man
ZH: 我是我自己,我是一个单身男人

EN: Looking for a heart that I can understand
ZH: 寻找一颗心,我可以理解

EN: I’m looking for my love
ZH: 我在找我的爱

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Well, love is a prism
ZH: 爱是棱镜

EN: Two lights thrown, and um
ZH: 抛出,有两个指示灯和 um

EN: Receivin’ it’s hard to comprehend the human rhythms
ZH: Receivin' 这是难以理解的人类的节奏

EN: Ya know?
ZH: 你知道吗?

EN: Well I guess it’s kinda like our satellites
ZH: 那么这有点像我们的卫星

EN: One floats around until the signal reaches a receiver
ZH: 其中一个漂浮在附近直到信号到达接收机

EN: One floats around until the love reaches a believer
ZH: 一个漂浮在附近直到爱达到一个信徒

EN: Get it?
ZH: 明白吗?

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: I never really found out how hard it might be
ZH: 我从来没有真正发现了可能会有多难

EN: Everybody before me couldn’t answer me
ZH: 在我之前的每个人都不能回答我

EN: So I’m still looking for my love
ZH: 所以我还在寻找我的爱

EN: [Break]
ZH: [突破]

EN: It’s kinda like drawing sticks
ZH: 这有点像绘图枝

EN: But if you gamble with this, don’t gamble counterfeit, come real
ZH: 但如果你跟这赌,不赌冒牌,来真正

EN: [Hook-Continued]
ZH: [钩继续]

EN: I’m on my own, I’m a single man
ZH: 我是我自己,我是一个单身男人

EN: Looking for a heart that I can understand
ZH: 寻找一颗心,我可以理解

EN: I’m looking for my love
ZH: 我在找我的爱

EN: I’m looking for my love
ZH: 我在找我的爱

EN: Looking for my love
ZH: 寻找我的爱

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: Catfish Billy, and I hail from the bottom
ZH: 我和比利鲶鱼,冰雹从底部

EN: I treat music like fat people treat shoes when they’re joggin’
ZH: 我对待音乐像胖人对待鞋时他们是 joggin'

EN: Make souls bounce off the concrete
ZH: 让灵魂弹开混凝土

EN: Give people a new reason to believe in these poetic zombies
ZH: 给人们一个新的理由相信这些诗的僵尸

EN: I don’t support the dead unless they’re grateful
ZH: 我不支持死去的人,除非他们很感激

EN: “Soul food” is a metaphor, Yelar says, “Get you a plate full”
ZH: "精神食粮"是一个隐喻,Yelar 说,"给你一盘"

EN: A lot of rappers are servin’ birds
ZH: 很多的说唱是胜地鸟

EN: They’re trippin’
ZH: 他们是真诚

EN: I give you a CD, you eat free
ZH: 我给你一张 CD,你免费吃

EN: That’s a real whole chicken
ZH: 这就是一只真正整鸡

EN: Don’t be so God damn easily impressed
ZH: 不是那么神该死很容易留下深刻印象

EN: In ’93 you had to rap, what the fuck ever happened to that?
ZH: 93 你不得不说唱,到底对那发生过?

EN: They pick up the game, and can’t drop one the net
ZH: 他们拿起游戏,并不能删除其中一个网

EN: KP said it was a pickup game, just be properly dressed (Ha)
ZH: KP 说它是一场体育比赛,只是适当地打扮 (Ha)

EN: It’s like they heard the joke and took him serious though
ZH: 就像他们听到这个笑话,把他虽然严重

EN: And a bunch of people pulled up hungry with a blinged out cereal bowl
ZH: 一群人把救了上来与浮夸出谷物碗饿

EN: But ya can’t get Corn Flakes if your music is born fake
ZH: 但你不能让玉米片如果你的音乐出生假

EN: So, Cheerio chap, here’s some Lucky Charms, good luck
ZH: 所以,拉拉队 chap,这里的一些幸运的魅力,好运

EN: Fffuck
ZH: Fffuck

EN: Now that there wasn’t necessary
ZH: 现在没有这个必要

EN: But when you’ve got words like these, then a word like “fuck” it just get’s buried
ZH: 但当你有词像这些,然后像"操"字就是会被埋

EN: Unlike them who meet fuck and go get married
ZH: 与他们满足不同他妈的,去结婚

EN: Have a bunch of fucking babies, before the fucking wedding
ZH: 有一群该死的孩子,在那该死的婚礼前

EN: The MC to be didn’t go to dress rehearsal
ZH: MC 是不是去彩排

EN: Now you back in a pickup game, FUCK BOY, in a fucking commercial
ZH: 现在你回的篮球赛,操的男孩,在这该死的商业

EN: Now hold the catfish again
ZH: 现在再次拥抱鲶鱼

EN: I swam 8 miles on the bottom of Lake Michigan
ZH: 在底部的密歇根湖游泳 8 英里

EN: To reel me into the mainstream made ‘em nervous
ZH: 以我卷起纳入主流让他们很紧张

EN: So I wrote {} to kick drums under the surface
ZH: 因此我写了 {} 踢鼓表面之下

EN: You’re sobbin’ under water ya’ll
ZH: 你是根据你们的水似的哭哭啼啼

EN: And I leak so much ink I leave {} books waterlogged
ZH: 我泄漏我离开涝渍的 {} 书那么多墨水

EN: I know some want my art to pause
ZH: 我知道有些人想要我的艺术要暂停

EN: ‘Cause I play with rap music like driftwood in an otter’s paw
ZH: 因为我玩说唱音乐就像浮在水獭爪子

EN: Now that’s some country shit to say bro
ZH: 这就是有些话要说兄弟的国家

EN: Not as country as working construction and doing a show in the same clothes
ZH: 不作为国家作为工作建设和做同样的衣服在一场演出

EN: Yellow, they know, they know
ZH: 黄色的他们知道,他们知道

EN: I’m on top of this kindergarten shit building fine art outta Play-Doh
ZH: 我明白建筑美术橡皮泥离开这个幼儿园狗屎

EN: Tell me have you even in your long naked life seen an alien catfish?
ZH: 告诉我你长裸体生活中甚至看到了外星人的鲶鱼吗?

EN: Have you even been slapped by a one eyed one horned purple people eater?
ZH: 有你甚至被掴一眼一个角紫色人吃的吗?

EN: Well back the water like a beaver
ZH: 好回水面,就像一只海狸

EN: Then let it go like Noah
ZH: 然后让它去像诺亚

EN: Better learn to swim without floaties
ZH: 更好地学会游泳没有搂

EN: Better learn to live without quotas
ZH: 更好地学会生活无配额

EN: {} from the outer limits
ZH: {} 从外部界限

EN: Travelin’ a billion miles a minute
ZH: 一一分钟 10 亿英里

EN: Light speed on the mic
ZH: 光速的喜怒

EN: I become a livin’ alien in the Alabama sun, sun...sun-shine
ZH: 我变得住外国人在阿拉巴马州的阳光下,sun...sun-闪耀