Yelawolf - Let's Roll (feat. Kid Rock) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Kid Rck - hook]
, Yeah, I’m throwed off
, Aint about the money I’ma blow it off
, I made my own...
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Yelawolf - Let's Roll (feat. Kid Rock) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Kid Rck - hook]
ZH: [孩子 Rck-钩]

EN: Yeah, I’m throwed off
ZH: 是啊,我放弃了关闭

EN: Aint about the money I’ma blow it off
ZH: 关于钱我要不砸碎

EN: I made my own lane, let’s roll, lets roll
ZH: 我做我自己的车道,让我们播放,可以让卷

EN: Yeah, I’m going off
ZH: 是啊,我会

EN: Aint got a whole lot but I’mma show it off
ZH: 你找一大堆,但还要送炫耀

EN: Better recognise game, lets roll, lets roo-ooooll
ZH: 认识到游戏,可以让卷,让袋鼠在澳洲 ooooll

EN: [Yelawolf - Verse 1]
ZH: [诗歌 1-Yelawolf]

EN: Yeah, now let me welcome you to my small town
ZH: 是啊,现在让我欢迎你来我的小镇

EN: Big trucks in the yard, big bucks on the wall, country folks all around
ZH: 大钱在墙上,周围的村民在院子里的大卡车

EN: How I was raised, 808 drums quaking they shake that box 88
ZH: 我如何长大 808 鼓得直发抖他们摇那盒 88

EN: And the dope boys hotter than hells gate but I still in the shade
ZH: 和比地狱门,但仍在树荫下热的涂料男孩

EN: With a fold up chair, a 30 pack on the back of that tailgate
ZH: 与折叠椅子、 背面的那尾巷 30 包

EN: A-L-A B-A-M-A I’m off I might pee in the lake
ZH: A L A B-A-M-A 我要离开我可能会在湖中撒尿

EN: I might go to Talladega and see me a race
ZH: 我可能会去塔拉迪加,看我一场竞赛

EN: Bring me case, yeah I’m bringing a case
ZH: 带给我的情况下,是啊,我将一宗案件

EN: I’m gettin’ throwed off…
ZH: 我很暖好双人滑赌债

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Yelawolf - Verse 2]
ZH: [诗歌 2-Yelawolf]

EN: And I’m all the way throwed off
ZH: 我放弃了关闭的方式

EN: Z71 take the bow off
ZH: Z71 弓起飞

EN: Dipped in mossy oak with a mullet mohawk
ZH: 苔藓橡树与乌鱼蘸莫霍克

EN: Yeah, with a bright orange hat and a bag underneath that Chevy
ZH: 是啊,与明亮的橙色帽子和一袋下方,雪佛兰

EN: Yeah buddy, might go off, split you like a bowling ball
ZH: 是啊哥们,可能会熄灭,拆分你像保龄球球

EN: Split you in my overalls
ZH: 拆分你在我的工作服

EN: Yeah home of the Gumbo, got a couple folks that’d do it to you for hundo
ZH: 是啊首页的粘泥,得到了会它对你做的 hundo 的一对夫妇乡亲

EN: That dixie cups gonna fall off the console
ZH: 那个迪克西杯绵绵关闭控制台

EN: You don’t wanna have a convo and not understand that ‘Bama slanguage
ZH: 你别想有康沃,不理解,' 巴马 slanguage

EN: Like hollerin’ aint it, but I come to paint it so it won’t be throwed off?
ZH: 喜欢它,但我 hollerin' 不来,不会关闭双人滑的油漆呢?

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Yelawolf - Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节-Yelawolf]

EN: I’m just a kid that rocks
ZH: 我只是对岩石的孩子

EN: I’m just a boy with a dream
ZH: 我只是与孩子梦

EN: You bet it all with the last bill that I had hid in my socks
ZH: 你打赌它所有的最后) 条例草案 》,我曾躲在了我的袜子

EN: Used to keep a .22 in a shoebox
ZH: 用于保持在鞋盒.22

EN: Now I bang beretta’s, she’s 22 and I keep her in a tube top
ZH: 现在我邦莱塔的她是 22 我不让她管顶部

EN: White trash and all, take us all the way to the top and then laugh it off
ZH: 白色垃圾和所有,带我们到顶,然后笑而过

EN: Like how the f-ck did I get a catalogue with more hits than a f-cking jackhammer dog
ZH: 像 f-ck 是怎样获取目录及更多的点击,比 f 华君把电钻在办公室狗

EN: Cause I planned it all, Crimson tide standing tall
ZH: 我计划它所有,站在高大的赤色风暴的原因

EN: Shit, I’m another lit cannon ball
ZH: 狗屎,我是另一个点亮的加农炮球

EN: F-ck around and I’m going off and I’m getting throwed off
ZH: F ck 周围,并准备,我变双人滑关闭

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]