Yankee Clipper - The Coast Of Peru lyrics

Come all you bold sailor men that's rounded Cape Horn
Come out you bold whalers that's bound after Sperm
Our captain has told us, and we hope it'll prove true
There's plenty of Sperm Whale 'round the coast of Peru

Now we've weathered The Horn and we're round on Peru
And we're all of one mind and endeavor to do
Our sails are all rigged, and our mastheads all manned
Rigging rope light and our signals all planned.

Next morning at daylight, about five o'clock,
the man at the masthead yells, "Yonder she spouts!"
"Where away does she lay?" and the answer from aloft,
"Two points on our lee bow and about three miles off!"

And it's "calling all hands and be of good cheer,
get your tubs in your boats, boys, get your bowlines all clear"
and it's "Heave to your oars, boys, make your boats fly!"
There's one thing we dread of, stay clear of his eye.


Now the First-mate, he struck him and the whale, he went down
and the Captain pulled up and he tried to bend on
but the whale began to vomit, and the blood for to spout
in the space of ten minutes we had him fin out

Then we pulled him along side with many a shout
we soon cut him in and began to try out.
Now the whale is all tried and likewise stowed down
he's better to us, boys, than five hundred pounds.

Here's a health to all whalemen, boys, drink it down, do
Likewise to the Bengal and the ship's crew.
If its you that want money, I'd have you for to go
On the coast of Peru where the whalefish do blow.