Yanai Kate - Summer Feeling lyrics

Come on over have some fun
Dancin' in the mornin' sun
Look into the bright blue sky
Come and let your spirit fly
Livin' it up this brand new day
Summer sun, it's time to play
Doing things that feel so good
Get into the motion

And what I'm feeling
Never been so easy
And when I'm dreaming
Summer dreaming
When you're with me

alternative Chorus:
Barcadi feeling
It's never been so easy
Barcadi dreaming
Takin' it easy with Barcadi

Just another lucky day
No one makes me feel this way
Watch the waves and feel the sand
Kiss me now and take my hand
Hear all the laughter in the street
Smiling in the summer heat
Cool touch of your hand in mine
We can be together


All the people
They turn as we walk on by
Walk on by

(You know) loving you just feels so right
Lighting up the darkest night
Go turn up the radio
Don't ever let me go
All of the tears I've cried before
They can't touch me anymore
Now that you are by my side
It's all I need to know


Come on over, have some fun
Dancin' in the morning sun
We can keep this dream alive

We try, Come with me
I wanna see you smiling, see you smiling