YG - Toot It & Boot It lyrics (Chinese translation). | (chorus)
, I met her in the club
, then I said wassup
, I took her to the crib
, and you know I...
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YG - Toot It & Boot It (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: (chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: I met her in the club
ZH: 我遇见了她在俱乐部

EN: then I said wassup
ZH: 然后我说自控

EN: I took her to the crib
ZH: 我带她到寒舍

EN: and you know I fucked
ZH: 你知道我完蛋了

EN: yea toot it and boot it
ZH: 是啊,嘟嘟它并启动它

EN: toot it and boot it
ZH: 嘟嘟它,并启动它

EN: toot it and boot it
ZH: 嘟嘟它,并启动它

EN: thats why I toot and boot it
ZH: 这就是为什么我嘟嘟响,并启动它

EN: (x2)
ZH: (2)

EN: She think im cute, she wanna have Sex
ZH: 她认为 im 可爱,她想做爱

EN: girl knock it off you know you cant have this
ZH: 女孩敲它关闭你知道你不能有这

EN: (Verse)
ZH: (诗)

EN: and she told me run that, i told her run it
ZH: 她告诉我,运行,我告诉她运行它

EN: and she never seen a chick until she met my magic stick
ZH: 她从未见过鸡直到遇见我的魔法棒

EN: yo im a pimp bitch straight game never no sippin
ZH: yo im 拉皮条婊子直游戏永远也没有身

EN: And after we did it she was walking with a limp
ZH: 我们做到了后她行走一瘸一拐

EN: bust it open leave it wet you know i leave it soakin
ZH: 萧条它打开许可湿了你知道我离开它 soakin

EN: who next I don't ever close, I stay open
ZH: 他们下一步我永远不要关闭,我保持打开状态

EN: i met her in the club, you know i was drunk
ZH: 我在俱乐部里见到她,你知道我醉了

EN: i asked her name and then i said i wanna fuck
ZH: 我问她的名字,然后我说我想操

EN: and im YG and you know I fucked
ZH: im YG,你知道我完蛋了

EN: and she fucked back like a little slut
ZH: 她回一个小荡妇完蛋了

EN: and she fell in love ya
ZH: 和她坠入爱河雅

EN: and she felt stupid cuz you know
ZH: 她感觉愚蠢的因为你知道

EN: i toot it and boot it
ZH: 嘟嘟它,并启动它

EN: (Verse2)
ZH: () Verse2

EN: girl let me toot that boot that stop actin stupid
ZH: 女孩让我嘟嘟,停止愚蠢的肌动蛋白的引导

EN: acting like you dont know me like who that
ZH: 好象你不知道我喜欢谁的

EN: walked in the club but ill fly things
ZH: 走进飞坏事但俱乐部

EN: im in the back girl you know where to find me
ZH: 你知道在哪里可以找到我的背姑娘 im

EN: and I love how she think im cute
ZH: 我爱她如何看待 im 可爱

EN: and she dont even wanna tell me what she wanna do
ZH: 和她不想告诉我她想要做什么

EN: its me and my crew her and her friends
ZH: 其我和我的船员她和她的朋友

EN: and they all trying to leave with us when the club ends
ZH: 他们都试图离开我们俱乐部结束时

EN: and she toot it from the back and you know she made it clap
ZH: 她径直它从背面和你知道她让它鼓掌

EN: and you know I run it back like
ZH: 你知道我跑回来的感觉

EN: only for one night and she know im on like a switch on light
ZH: 只为一夜,她知道 im 上像一个交换机上光

EN: hey girl I can have you feelin right
ZH: 嘿女孩我可以让你感觉右

EN: I can supply the pipe
ZH: 我可以给水管

EN: just make sure its tight
ZH: 只是要确保其紧

EN: we can do it all day only for one night
ZH: 我们能做到全天只为一夜

EN: and after that you gotta go
ZH: 及后,你必须走

EN: (Verse3)
ZH: () Verse3

EN: i toot it to the left i toot it to the right
ZH: 我径直它向左我嘟嘟它向右

EN: fuck with me we gonna do it all night
ZH: 和我一起操我们去做它整夜

EN: i seen a bad bitch i swing my hat back
ZH: 我见过我摆回我的帽子不好婊子

EN: and after i hit its on my back
ZH: 和我打了之后其在我的背

EN: cuz i toot it and boot it
ZH: 因为它嘟嘟并启动它

EN: and made her feel stupid
ZH: 并使她感到自己愚蠢