YG - Beast Mode (2010)

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YG - Beast Mode lyrics

(i'm a Dog)
I'm on beast mode
(I'm a Dog)
I'm on beast mode
(I'm a Dog)
I'm on beast mode(i'm a bog)
(I'm a Dog biiiiiitch)

I'm a Dog bitch
fuck you from the back
on your pause bitch
we can spoke on laws bitch
get fuck from old mutha all bitch
i'm flod lit
bitch fuck--som-she suck ma dick
when i say i'm coming
get the pussy is nuttin
just relaxin
i'm brush meat
since he fuck where ma money at
so double cheees
so i need that
hiri you smellin like a weed plant
all i wana no is bitch where ma cheese at
cause i need that
bitch real-quick
it pushin me on
cause thats real shit
i am dog bitch
but i'm fly dough
get hire watch me run from a 5, 0
i'm on beast mode
ma ice is deep throw
but i'm ballin from the mutha fuckin free throw
and ama go so doggy on hoe
of cures there water on a row
(ahahah)i'm on
and yal can't tell me don't
your girlfriend sing ma song
so much swag nigga try to get on
thats y i got mutha fuckin G
everybody in the city no bout me
your girl probably own-it
don't worry about cause i don't own it
more cock phils
so get loaded(yea)
take two nigga call me in the morning
and don't forget
i'm beast gettin girls
i murder thats shitZZZZZZ