YC The Cynic - Molotovs At Poseidon (2013)

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YC The Cynic - Molotovs At Poseidon lyrics


Go ahead and fire your gun, you're shooting at Zeus.
I held on to my crown while I ripped through my noose.
I got up from the ground then I pulled up roots.
I reversed the Earth playing Skip To My Lou.
You don't know who you dealing with.
I dealt with the dealers my dealings different,
I'm getting dealt with a lot more delicate.
I noticed you creeping, my job is keeping ahead of it.
But how can I hate you, you fucking heathens are heaven sent.
There's someone in back of you if I'm turning my back to you.
Keep your practices practical while I practice benevolence.
You overheard me taking and thought I was embellishing.
You envisioned my bezel and considered embezzlement.
I consider you little when compared to peasant.
Cause you belittled my presence without a litter of evidence.
Your illegible lettering I proof of illiteracy.
No wonder my supremacy ain't nearly as evident.

Do you know who you fucking with?! (4x)

[Verse 2]
Your damage is none. You just threw a molotov at Poseidon.
Then felt the flood in your iris and cried for an act of kindness.
You tried to cover your eyelids and run, but I'll be triumphant, trust me.
I'm on a diet, I'm hungry, my ribs touching.
My grip clutching your dinner like pliers, with no appliances.
Must be a sign, you eating lunch is a giant luxury.
Fuckers combined couldn't add up to me.
Scienze wouldn't give a flying fuck of your flying fuckery.
Jive-suckers reluctantly dive into a fire with gas dungarees.
In a dungeon from hiding your supper from God's company.
Cut your crying, I'm keeping your comments in God's custody.
Better pray that the Mayans were on to something.
You on the corner running from a fully functioning Mac truck.
Going backwards, in the backwoods, while I back up.
Til you're either stuck on the bumper or under me.
Just to show you can't fuck with me.
So if ever you're wondering, I'll ask you again!

Do you know who you fucking with?! (4x)

Hey sucka niggas, whereever you are.
Hey sucka niggas, whereever you are.
Hey sucka niggas, whoever you are.
Whoever you are., whoever you are. (2x)
Sucka niggas, nigga nigga.
I throw a sucka in the front for the ones that front. (4x)