Y-O-U - Beautiful Thing lyrics

It's a beautiful thing,
But it's rough & unpredictable,
Makes me do things that aren't respectable,
My dignity's fading everyday,
And I'm a shootcase king,
Blind & pretending that I'm special,
My breakdowns bloom into marigolds,
These miracles happen everyday,

You can feel it but it doesn't mean you'll understand,
It's not supposed to make any sense,
But you've got to know, & you've got to show,
That you want to be a part of love.
It's beautiful.

It's a beautiful thing, (oh-oh, oh)
It's infinite & individual, (oh-oh, oh)
It's simple & remakable, (oh-oh, oh)
It's a nice place to visit, I wish I could stay,
And that's what makes me sing, (oh-oh, oh)
Makes real what once was inconceivable, (oh-oh, oh)
It makes my weaknesses invisible, (oh-oh, oh)
Stranger things happen everyday,


It's a beautiful thing,
In a world that's indivisible, (oh-oh, oh)
We come together & it's possible, (oh-oh, oh)
Come together, make it possible. (oh-oh, oh)